House Update: How Are We Living Like This #AlmostDone #IThinkICan

Moving isn’t easy, especially when you’re prepping your house for sale on top of packing. As I’ve shared – we’re moving (big news!) next week! We’re staying in Rhode Island, not leaving our little “Ocean State.” We knew that getting our house prepped for sale wouldn’t be easy. We’ve had a “target” list of items to bang through for over a year now! Crazy enough – we’re banging through this list in 4 weeks. We know that we’ll get a better price for our house making sure we have everything done properly, so we’re going ALL IN.

So far we’ve done a new master bathroom and updated my office space (which is really a bonus room) with new floors and fresh paint.

Now we’re onto the kitchen! It needed a MAJOR re-haul and when I say re-haul I mean new floors, new cabinets, new counter and a new dishwasher. We’re living in the house as everything is happening and it’s CRA-ZY! I’m sharing mu update on the blog today!

Good news… I’m seeing the light!

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