Daily Video: Showing the Kids Our NEW House


T-minus 10 days.

I can’t believe that it’s so soon! It’s crazy how fast the time crept on us! I have to admit, I’m extremely excited. I didn’t think I would be this excited, but I am. I know it’s a BIG move for our family and I really do feel it’s going to be the best move for us. Everything happened so fast with this move and I do feel (even though it’s been crazy getting everything ready) it happened exactly the way it should.

We were able to see the house on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend… as soon as we saw it, we knew it was perfect for us. It’s a rental property, so we needed to make a quick decision because in the town we’re moving to, houses go fast and furious on the rental market. In full disclosure, we decided to move to Barrington (in Rhode Island) for 2 reasons: 1) School System – they continuously have the best public schools in the state 2) It’s where I grew up and I LOVE it there. We’ve been trying to get back “over” to Barrington for a few years now, but with work and 5 kids and the craziness of our lives, we just kept putting it off with the “just one more year” excuse. This past May, enough was enough… we couldn’t pull the “one more year” excuse. We started thinking hard about the kids and schools and made a BIG decision to just go for it!

This house came about seamlessly, which I felt was the universe’s way of saying,”Go on GIRL… GO!”

Not to mention, the second saw it I thought, “Father of the Bride House!”

When we first saw the house a month and a half ago we brought our oldest sons William and Alex to see it. We wanted them to have a say and a feel when we walked through because – after all – they’d be living there, too! They were already a little nervous about making the move, so I wanted the house part to be exciting for them. They loved it immediately, I mean… IMMEDIATELY.

Our youngest 3 hadn’t see the house at all until this past weekend. They kept begging us to let them see it, but we didn’t have access to it. We were able to drop some boxes off this past weekend and seized the day by showing them!

My 3 favorite parts of this video:

1. Victoria calling Matt “big guy!”

2. Henry loving the outlet on the ground of the living room.

3. Seeing them trying to “claim” bedrooms.

We’re really excited about the move and can’t wait to get to our new house and start a new life in Barrington!

Thanks for coming along this journey with us!


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Daily Video: Showing the Kids Our NEW House was last modified: July 5th, 2017 by admin