Boating Essentials: Anchors Away

Summer boating is the best kind of boating there is! We’re having a blast this summer on our boat, it’s something we’ve dreamed of having for years and we finally pulled the trigger last summer and got one! It’s been the best family purchase ever! I grew up in Rhode Island (the OCEAN STATE) – I’ve always been around the water… so it’s been so much fun seeing my kids grow up on the water, too! The thing is that you need to make sure you have some boating essentials. I’m excited to share with you what you need and why you need it!

Boating Essentials: Anchors Away

Boating Essentials: Anchors Away

Boating has become such a great activity to do together and (especially) when we’re joined with family and friends. As the kids are getting older it’s becoming more and more apparent to me that I need to find things that keep us together. I’m all about boating because it’s time where we NEED to be together and work together. It’s just fantastic and time that I love and embrace to the core! Boating essentials have become our new fave thing because we all need to find the best ways to get stuff done on the water!

Boating Essentials: Anchors Away

Boating Essentials: Anchors Away

As we’ve gotten more and more comfortable with our summer boating routine, we’ve also gotten more comfortable knowing exactly what we need to make sure we always have on hand!  There are definitely boating essentials that are needed onboard when you’re out on the water! Sine I didn’t grow up on a boat, this is all new to me and it’s something that I’ve really become passionate about learning about and researching, too.

Anchors Away

I thought it would be fun to share a list of our Summer Boating Essentials and Must Haves! If you’re like us and find yourself on the water a lot in the summer (or even if you don’t!), copy this list down and make sure you keep it on hand! It’s a great resource to have on you if you’re heading out on the water! You want to make sure you have everything on hand that you could possibly need and I hope this list makes it easy for you to navigate and discover what to bring onboard!

1. Extra, Extra, Extra TOWELS! I can’t stress this enough! I have 5 kids and I bring about 15 towels with us and I’m still always looking for extra! You never know how many you’ll be using, so it’s essential to make sure you always have extra on hand!

2. Sunblock! I’m telling you, as much as you lather up on the docks, you never get enough on! Being on the water for the day will bring on the burn, so make sure you always bring extra bottles with you!

3. Sweatshirts! I’m amazed – even in the middle of summer – it can get cool on the water at night. I always make sure I pack extra sweatshirts for the kids and for me! I get cold quick, so it’s nice to have a covering!

4. Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals! This is the first non-drowsy solution from America’s number one over-the-counter product for the treatment of motion sickness. Taken 30 minutes before starting an activity or when you experience symptoms, Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals helps prevent or relieve the nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness – so your days of planning around your symptoms are over. I’m telling you, you never know if you’re going to feel sick on the water, so it’s ALWAYS great to have on hand for anyone who might need it! BIG essential for us!

5. Hats! Oh, yes… any kind of hat will do. I have baseball hats, straw hats, you name it… I’ve got it! I like to make sure I have my face covered, as well as my kids, too! I always keep a bag of baseball hats on deck.

6. Umbrella! Don’t laugh, you never know when a rain storm or shower will sneak up on you! I love to be prepared! You can easily pop a small one in your bag for protection!

7. First Aid Kit! 100% a necessity and MUST HAVE! I can’t stress this enough!

8. WATER! Always good to have water bottles on hand, too! You can get very dehydrated! I always have a cooler filled with about 24 of them for the trip. You can get super cheap 12 packs and 24 packs, so grab those and stock up!

9. Life Jackets! First off – you can’t boat without these, so this should be something I don’t even have to list because should be an essential for any rider, like a seatbelt in a car. Since we love bringing people out, we always make sure we have a ton of extras, too!

10. Garbage Bags! Oh, yes. You don’t even know how many times I’ve been out on our boat with a ton of trash and nothing to put it in! Make sure you have a box of trash bags on hand, always!

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Boating Essentials: Anchors Away was last modified: May 15th, 2019 by Audrey McClelland