Rules for School Pictures

School Photo Day for Victoria – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

I was away last month when Victoria had her School Photo Day at preschool. My husband was all over it — ALONE! I left out a cute little outfit – pink blouse with a white skirt, paired with ankle booties. I tried my best to get everything prepped ahead of time (just to make it easy on Matt and Victoria!).

Guess what?? Everything I did got tossed out the window and (thankfully) all still well with the world! She came home the other day with the cutest, most special and most adorable photo ever for her VERY 1st PRESCHOOL photo! I can’t stop looking at it, it’s very precious to me.

My husband was so cute, he said to me the other night, “I brushed her hair and matched her pinks socks with her pink Crocs!”

It got me thinking that there should be some set Rules for Parents when it comes to School Pictures. Rules that we (as tough as it might be) should go by when it comes to Picture Day at school.

1. Let Your Kids Pick Their Clothing – I know… I know… you might get Princess jammies or shirts with lots of stripes and dots and lasers, but that’s OK! These are the photos that will make you smile and the ones you will remember for years to come.

2. When It Comes To Hair, What They Leave With Will NOT Be What Is In The Photo – My husband was so cute, he literally (as I said above) made sure to tell me that he brushed her hair. He also put in 2 little barrettes that were out in the car before she even entered school that day! Hair will be hair!

3. You Never Know If They Will Smile – We had told Victoria a dozen times before the photos, “Make sure you smile!” We didn’t know if she would and I LOVE that she did… but it’s one of those things that you just sort of have to wing it up to hope and chance!

4. Think Shoes – Especially for preschool photos, shoes are usually showed! Personally it made my heart soar to see the little pink Crocs! But think SHOES when your child is out the door for Picture Day!

5. What You Get Is What You Get – And just KNOW this to the core. That moment in time that is captured will be the photo and embrace it and love it and cherish it!! I will LOVE this photo for ever and ever and ever… it’s my Little V at 3 years old at her favorite school!


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