Happy 9th Birthday to my HENRY! Our SURPRISE BABY!

Henry was born on June 17th at 12:01PM via c-section.

My 4th baby boy.

Henry’s beginning started differently than all the others, Henry was an incredibly-amazing surprise. It’s funny because his older 3 brothers were planned to a T! But my Henry… well, we all need a fabulous surprise in life, don’t we?

I will never forget in early October of 2007 making Rice-a-Roni for the boys and suddenly feeling sick to my stomach. The thought crossed my mind, “Am I pregnant?” But I never believed it… I had 3 boys who were 2 and under, I’m just ULTRA tired. Then a week later, when (ahem…) I was a little late, I decided to take a pregnancy test.

I didn’t even tell my husband I was taking a test because I truly didn’t believe it to be true… I went to CVS with Ben and Alex, grabbed a test and waited in line feeling excited and nervous at the same time. I kept thinking, “4 kids?” The cashier smiled at me as I paid and whispered, I hope it’s what you want it to be. I’ll never forget her kindness. I honestly think I was a deer in headlights in the store!

I booked it home… honest to God, I ran in, still leaving Alex and Ben buckled into their carseats and peed in the stick. I was actually shaking! You know how sometimes you have to look at the stick and wait for 2 lines, oh no… these lines popped up within SECONDS! I was absolutely, positively PREGNANT!

I ran back outside to get the boys, thinking to myself… they have know idea that their lives just changed just now.

As I was bringing the boys into the house, I heard Matt on the phone with someone from his office. The boys were VERY loud at that moment, and almost as if out of a movie… I heard Matt laugh to the guy on the other end, “Sorry about the noise, I have 3 kids that are 2 and under and we never have a quiet moment!” He then hung up, and I looked at him and simply said 2 words, “4 kids…” and held up the test.

His smile was from ear to ear, and that was how we found out about little Henry.

Our 4th little boy.

I can honestly say that Henry was the best surprise life ever gave me. He is pure joy and happiness and fun. He has brought so much life into this house and I can’t imagine my life without him in it!


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