How to Create Unforgettable Birthday Memories for your Children

How you can create unforgettable birthday memories for your children! I promise, it’s easy!

I started slacking BIG time on Baby Books right after my son Alexander was born. Yes, that’s right – McClelland Baby #2, back in 2005! Each child physically has a baby book, but only William was it filled out (and that’s just for his 1st year). I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I couldn’t keep up! We had 4 babies back to back (to back to back) and I was lucky enough to find moments of sleep, never mind worrying thinking about the Baby Books.

But the guilt?

It ate away at me. BIG TIME. My mom was amazing at chronicling everything for me and my sister, so I just really hated the fact that my kids wouldn’t have that for themselves. So I started a tradition, a birthday tradition when William turned 3 years old.

I started creating birthday videos for each of the kids. A montage of photos and videos of the birthday child throughout the past year, all put to music… ! I wasn’t sure if they were going to be a hit, but I just kept making them each year, for each of the kids. I feel like they were more for me at the beginning than for them! I’ve now made about 30+ videos throughout the years and they have become unforgettable birthday memories for the kids. As a matter of fact, it’s the FIRST thing they ask for in the morning when they wake up on their birthday!

Here was my Henry’s from yesterday…

You can create unforgettable birthday memories for your children easily, too!


Find as many photos and videos as you possibly can of your child throughout the last year. Pick out a song that just really reminds you of your child.

Next up, use an easy movie creating system on your computer (or find someone that does). I use iMovie, so I can make it super quickly on my own laptop.



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