Best Wonder Woman Fashion Collections #WonderWoman

WONDER WOMAN is now playing in theaters nationwide and the reviews are AMAZING! I can’t wait to see Wonder Woman this weekend with my 4 sons, I feel like it’s important to take them with me! I’m not here to share any spoiler alerts, but I am here to share some crazy-cool Wonder Woman fashion items that are out there right now – Wonder Woman Fashion Collections! The movie has definitely inspired fashion and I’m VERY excited to share some of the cool fashion items I’ve found for women and girls everywhere!

The GAP is offering a FULL Wonder Woman Collection which is (literally) out of this world amazing! I want everything for myself and Victoria! The items are fashionable, powerful and inspirational! Check out how amazing these 9 (which are my fave!) are from the GAP’s Wonder Woman Collection:

Alex and Ani has an entire Collection on inspirational Wonder Woman accessories! I JUST ordered the WW Gold Cuff for myself! I love these items because you can wear them, look down… and feel like you can take on the world! Sometimes all you need is just a little motivation to keep your hustle going! Check out these beautiful 9 pieces from Alex and Ani’s Wonder Woman Collection:

HSN has an fashionable Wonder Woman Collection, too! It’s very trendy and fashion-forward, perfect for the fashionista out there! I’m obsessed with the cuffs, they are EVERYTHING! I’ll be ordering a few pieces PRONTO!

ETSY is FULL… I mean, FULL of Wonder Woman Collections! Here’s my advice – know what you want and them KEY it into the search bar! I searched “Wonder Woman tees” – “Wonder Woman tutus” – “Woman Woman accessories” and just tons of things popped up! Here are a few that caught my eye ASAP!

Macy’s has a ton of cute tees, if that’s your preference!! I just did a quick search and 17 popped up! All really inspirational and FABULOUS!! My advice – head to Macy’s and just search “WONDER WOMAN!”

I’m telling you, Wonder Woman has inspired and unleashed a whole different fashion side to me! I love that I can share this love with my daughter, too! There are so many places selling Wonder Woman Collections right now, these are only 5… enjoy, get motivated and be a WONDER WOMAN in your life!

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