What to Wear: 5 Easy Work Outfits

What to Wear: 5 Easy Work Outfits

I’m all about dressing for the part, especially in business.

I wanted to curate 5 outfits that are easy to toss on for work. As you’ll be able to tell, I wanted to take a fashionable approach, too. I love adding feminine and elegant touches to my outfits and styles. I’m all about taking key pieces that mixing them with trendier, stylish items, too. Since color is also a big thing for me this spring and summer, I wanted to add flairs of colors in here and there – that was important to me, too.

As always when it comes to fashion, I’m also aware that certain styles won’t be appropriate for everyone and their profession of choice. I know for a lawyer, some of these looks won’t be good for work. Just tweak and work them the best that you can for your profession of choice. Since I’m a entrepreneur, I can tailor my looks and styles for meetings, trips, video projects and photo shoots. Or – I can just wear jammies all day sometimes! LOL!

Enjoy my looks, I have 5 of them curated here for you – What to Wear – 5 Easy Work Outfits:

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