School Craft Mother’s Day Gifts are the Best

School Craft Mother’s Day Gifts are the Best!

They are truly the best gifts for a mom.

I walked thru my door from Mom 2.0 Summit at 10:15am this morning, I grabbed the early morning flight. At 10:16 I had a package in hand from my Victoria. She made me her very 1st Mother’s Day card and drawing at school. She was so excited that she couldn’t wait till tomorrow. Mother’s Day rules in the McClelland household… gifts are excepted ALL weekend long! I was just blown away by her card and drawing. She drew the 2 of us together. I love how she put us in pink and purple outfits, her favorite colors.

And God bless her for making me blonde… I pay for it to look that natural, so it’s working on my daughter! LOL!

These gifts?

They will be saved forever!

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