5 Things To Tackle This Week #MondayMotivation

Monday Motivation

Mondays are always tough to roll back into the regular work week. Today is even tough for me, I didn’t even take off my pajamas all day yesterday! I woke up extra early, laid on the couch with my kids and watched TV till 1PM. It was heaven on earth! I never do that with them and it felt so good! And then… when I saw what time it was, I just decided to stay put in my pajamas ALL DAY LONG.

And you know what?

It felt good. Real good.

I woke up today, ready to take on MONDAY.

How am I going to take on this week?

To be the girl who decided to go for it (see above!), I need to make sure certain things are in order at home and for myself. When the house is in chaos, so is my life. When backpacks and paperwork and school stuff for the kids is in chaos, so is my life. I need to make sure the different areas are (at the very least) under some sort of control!

There are 5 Things on my MONDAY MOTIVATION HIT LIST:

  1. Clean out my pantry. I started doing this yesterday and I couldn’t get over how many items were expired! There are 3 metal shelves FULL of items, so I’m going to attack an area each week.
  2. Workout. Easier said then done, I know. I had to bow out of a 10 mile race that I signed up for on June 4th because I know I’m just not ready for it. I can’t handle something that insane right now. What I decided to do was just handle what I can handle right now, which is about 20-30 minutes a day.
  3. Organizing Victoria’s Toys. Anyone else out there look at their kids toys and scratch their heads? It’s out of control! She doesn’t have a ton, but they’re ALL OVER THE PLACE and I need some sort of organization with them. I’ve been scouring Pinterest for “Playroom Ideas” all morning!
  4. Better Sleep. I really want to make sure I’m getting good sleep. I stay up too late and then get up too early. It’s crazy! I want to get myself into a good pattern.
  5. Laying Out a Plan for the Week. I’m away this week for the Mom 2.0 Conference. I’m trying to make sure everything is organized before I leave. Paperwork signed for school. Money turned in for things. You know, all the “mom” basics! LOL!



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