Mompreneur Advice: ONE Essential to Always Have on You

Advice for Mompreneurs is going to be a new column I write every Tuesday. I’m excited to share with you bits and pieces from what I’ve learned throughout the last 10 years from building my own Mompreneur business. It’s not easy balancing motherhood and the business world, but so many women do it… and do it well. I’ve said it from the beginning of my motherhood journey, nothing pushed me or fueled me more in business than when I became a mother.  All of a sudden my success (to me) was measured in being able to financially take care of my family, the stakes were higher for me, much… much… higher. In a nutshell, I became a better businesswoman when I became a mom.

My advice today is to always have one essential on you at all times… a notebook.

It doesn’t have to be fancy.

It doesn’t have to be gigantic.

It doesn’t even have to have lines!

Just have a notebook on you where you can jot down ideas that strike you – because you never know where inspiration will come from when you’re out and about in the world!

To give you some insight as to how I carry out this journal advice, I have journals ALL over the place! It’s a joke at home that I have more journals than I do makeup! I keep one journal on my desk (see above) that I will use when I’m working at home. I have one journal in my pocketbook, which is much smaller and compact, but still gets the job done. And I have one journal next to my bed, which is what I will write in at night.

What do I write in there? What’s helpful?

In all honesty… anything that will inspire YOU is helpful.

For me it’s all about writing down quotes, business ideas, business pitches, partnership ideas, names for new things I want to do. Basically anything that I want to remember I jot down in my notebook. What I love about a notebook is that it’s different than emailing to myself or texting it to myself… I’ve actually taken the time to write it down and for some reason, that resonates better.

So quick recap:

  1. Buy a journal today
  2. Keep one on you at all times (you can just keep using the same one, too!)
  3. Anything that you want to remember, jot it down
  4. Allow your journal to be inspiration for you
  5. Make sure you always add the date to your new entries, it’s always good when you’re looking back
  6. Keep up the jotting down, it will become second nature to you

Happy journaling!

And to the mompreneurs out there, we’re all in this together!





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