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Shopping with 5 kids is anything but easy.

With CVS curbside pickup, I have more time to spend with these awesome kids.

I’ll never forget taking all 5 of them into CVS with me this past winter to grab some quick essentials for the house, as well as medication for my husband who was sick with Strep at the time.

It was mayhem.

My 3 year-old daughter Victoria announced that she was “too big” for a cart, so she wanted to be on the ground walking (but really running) through the aisles.

My 3 “middle” sons (Alex, Ben and Henry) tried to contain her, but she thought it was a chasing game… so the cat and mouse game ensued.

My oldest son (bless him), just wanted to help me out, but ended up carrying my pocketbook and cell phone while I wrangled the rest of the McClelland crew.

To add to the crazy of the shopping trip, I ran into an old family friend who kept me talking for over 15 minutes, all when I knew I needed to get home with medicine for my husband.

Needless to say, I waved the white flag. I vowed, never again.

But – I’m a mom – how is that possible, right?

Here I am with 5 kids, there are times I NEED to shop at certain stores and shops. There are essentials we need at home as a family that need to be picked up and bought. I can’t just stop shopping, that’s not realistic.

Well… thankfully CVS has made it easier on their customers and I can’t thank them enough for this wonderful perk of being a CVS customer.

CVS Curbside Pickup

CVS Curbside Pickup allows customers to use their CVS Pharmacy app to order health and beauty items, snacks, and any other non-prescription household essentials, and have their order delivered from a participating store right to their car.

You read that correctly, you order through the app and it’s delivered to your car.

Not only do customers get to skip the line, but they can forget the hassle of in-store shopping all together!

For a busy mom like me, this is INCREDIBLE! This is absolutely, positively incredible! It saves me time. It saves me energy. And most of all, it makes it convenient and easy for me to get what I need, with my family in tow!

Not to mention… if it’s raining, you can stay dry in your car; if it’s snowing, you can stay put; if you have a sleeping baby or toddler, you don’t have to wake them up; if you have a sick child or partner, you don’t have to leave them alone (or worse, take them into CVS with you); if there’s a heavy product, you don’t have to do the heavy lifting; if you need to pick up some intimate products and don’t want people seeing you, you don’t have to worry about being seen!

It’s all done right there for you, you just need to pull in and pick up!

Man, I love this.

I wanted to bring you through a shopping trip using – just to show you how easy and convenient it really is for customers.

With CVS curbside pickup, I can use their app to shop, pay, and then just pick up my things when they're ready.

Step #1:

Head to your CVS App (If you don’t have it, download it on your phone)

Step #2:


Step #3:


Step #4:

Head to your chosen location and pickup

Pulling in to get my items with CVS curbside pickup.

(Easily marked by red flags!)

They even have special parking for CVS curbside pickup customers.

It’s THAT easy!

CVS Curbside Pickup is now available in 40 major markets across the U.S., including many locations in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix, Dallas, Seattle and Washington, DC. For specific store locations, customers can use the CVS Curbside Pickup store finder in the app or online to check local availability.

There’s a great offer right now, too – $10 off your first curbside pickup order of $15 or more (by 5/31) Coupon code: CVSCURB2017.

Thank you for making life my shopping life a lot easier and more streamlined.

Making Shopping Easier for Moms: CVS Curbside Pickup #CVS #BetterHealthMadeEasy #FindYourHealthy was last modified: July 8th, 2018 by admin
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  1. I love that CVS is doing this now! I need to check to see if ours started doing it. It would save so much time and effort!

  2. This has to be the most brilliant idea ever! Moms often are stuck between a rock and a hard place, with all the kids in tow the last thing you want to do is have to run in to pick up something quick because quick is never an option with kids in tow. I have three kids of varying ages now they are 14, 10 and 8 but still, even at this age it’s not easy to get in and get out! Love that CVS is offering this service now!

  3. WOW, great to hear, I didn’t know CVS was offering this service. It will definitely make things easier for many of us moms that’s for sure.

Making Shopping Easier for Moms: CVS Curbside Pickup #CVS #BetterHealthMadeEasy #FindYourHealthy was last modified: July 8th, 2018 by admin