20 Ways to Kick Start Your Hustle

Everyday I’m HUSTLING!

Or – I guess I should say… “Everyday I’m Hustlin’!” (cue the music!)

I define “HUSTLING” as moving towards your goals and dreams and passions. It’s working hard and not giving up. It’s waking up every single morning ready to conquer the day. It’s – plain and simple – not giving up. You hustle to get to where you want to be and it’s a good thing because it’s YOUR hustle.

I believe in the HUSTLE.

I encourage the HUSTLE.

I want to inspire people to HUSTLE.

I started hustling about 10 years ago because I wanted to build a lifestyle blog, an online destination for mothers. I knew nothing about technology. I knew nothing about the world of the internet. I knew nothing about social media.

What did I know?

I just knew I wanted to create it and I didn’t want to stop till it was created. It was pretty cut and dry for me. After that – figuring out how to monetize it, how to get it out into the world, how to connect with other bloggers, how to build a business from it… it was all trial and error, but I hustled to figure it out.

20 Ways to Kick Start Your Hustle

I’ve learned throughout the last 10 years that hustling requires a ton of blood, sweat and tears… but it’s worth it, especially if it’s your passion and dream.

I wanted to create ways to hustle because:

  1. Everyone should have a hustle. Everyone’s hustle is different, this I know. It could be to build a business or it could be to create a garden. It could be to learn technology or it could be to travel the world. Hustles are different for everyone and take on different meanings and passions and definitions.
  2. It’s important to have something in life to strive for, especially if there’s passion.

20 Ways to Kick Start Your Hustle:

Be Positive
Have a Goal(s)
Follow Inspirational People
Create To Do Lists to Keep you on Track
Surround yourself with People Who Understand You
Eat Healthy
Look for People Who Can Help You
Don’t Give Into Fear Easily
Find Quotes that Inspire You and Hang them Up
Make Sure you Get Enough Sleep
Have a Planner
Carry Around a Notebook to Jot Down Ideas
Create Office Hours for Yourself
Make a Vision Board
Work Early in the Day
Talk Your Ideas Out – Talking them OUT LOUD Helps
Everyday Do Something To Move Your Closer to Your Goal/Hustle
Try Your Best Not To Give Into Fear



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SHOWHIDE Comments (5)
  1. Having drive and motivation is one area where I tend to excel, but we all have room for improvement. Since I work from home, I need to focus on making actual office hours to eliminate feeling burnt out.

  2. I need encouragement like I need showers: Yeah, I’ve had one yesterday, but I’ll stink today without another one.

    I especially like your point to look for people who can help. I wouldn’t be able to blog half as well if it weren’t for my SIL over at busy creating memories who has helped me every step of the way.

  3. Finding and meeting your goals and having a great list to help is a great way to get things done.

  4. I definitely need to add a few of these things to my own list! I am all about the hustle, but lack focus. Too many shiny things to chase and I feel like I’m on a hamster wheel most days!! Surrounding yourself with people who understand you helps A TON. It can be challenging, but so worth it.

20 Ways to Kick Start Your Hustle was last modified: April 23rd, 2018 by admin