Family Haircut Night (It Was Much Needed!)

My sons have hair that grows super, duper fast! Their hair is thick and beautiful… I always tell them, you guys are lucky to have hair like this! That being said, when it grows fast it also means it needs to be maintained. Truth be told, I’m not great with the maintenance. They could (literally) go for a touch up every 3-4 weeks. I usually wait 6-8! I can always tell I’m behind when I see the back of their necks and it’s very overgrown. That’s my cue! 🙂

I took them Tuesday afternoon to SuperCuts for a haircut, it was time. The boys hate getting their haircut, they would rather just let it grow and grow! But… as you can see, they really needed some hair intervention. When I start calling them my little Chia Pets, I know it’s time!!

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