Daily Video: Visiting Greater Williamsburg – Day 3 – Jamestown Settlement, Canoe Rides & Go Karts!

What a way to ring out our last day in Greater Williamsburg! It was the most beautiful weather of the week (mid-80s) and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky past 10AM! It was PERFECT! We’ve enjoyed our week here, just really soaking up family time and being together in a really cool destination. There’s something for everyone here and I love and appreciate that for our family!

I wanted to share with you our daily video from yesterday! We started off the day at Jamestown Settlement. It was VERY interactive and really fascinating for all of us, even Sis! Then we headed off to canoe rides! OMG! We were horrible, but let me tell you… this was my favorite part of the trip! We laughed till we cried! Talk about bonding! And then we wrapped up our trip and night at Go Karts!

I just want to let you know that all of these daily video posts are just teasers for now! I have blog posts coming up outlining our full trip and really digging deep, letting you know where we went and why we loved it! I just thought it would be fun to post some videos since they’re on YouTube!

Thanks to Greater Williamsburg for hosting us, it was such a fabulous trip!

Disclosure: This was a sponsored partnership with Visit Williamsburg, ALL opinions/photos/videos are 100% my own!

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