Celebrating 92!

My beautiful Grandma turned 92 years old on Thursday, April 13th! 92 years old! It’s just incredible to me. She’s lived a long, full life… I hope, beyond hope that I am blessed with a long life, too. Chatting with her, it’s beautiful to hear the stories and know the beginnings of the beginnings in my own life. I also love that she’s gotten to know my children, who love her to pieces. My oldest son is named after my grandfather, so I know my grandma has always felt a special bond with him. To know your grandma (and great grandma) is a blessing in life, it’s one that I don’t take for granted. I’ve made it my mission throughout the years of my life to know my grandma and give this same gift to my children, too.

Family… it’s the only thing in life that is important.

On Thursday we were supposed to drive 10 hours to Pittsburgh for the Easter holiday. Due to some issues with my husband’s work (good issues!) we had to delay our trip a day, so we turned around and headed back home. Since it was only 5PM… we still had a full night ahead of us, so we decided to head to my mom’s (who was hosting a party for my grandma) and celebrate with them!

I’m beyond happy that we did. It was truly a beautiful blessing to see her on her actual birthday.

So… in honor of my Grandma’s 92nd… I wanted to share some things about her that make her unique and lovely and just a beautiful woman.

1. She loves to wear pink lipstick
2. She loves to shop at Kohl’s
3. She loves to read romance novels
4. She loves to get her hair done
5. She LOVES manicures and pedicures
6. She could chat on the phone with you for hours
7. She also writes XOXO on her cards, which is where I get my love of XOXO’s from
8. She was a Navy wife
9. She loves to know the latest trends
10. She adores wearing pins
11. She had 6 great grandkids
12. She goes by Rita, but her actual name is Mary
13. She still loves to check in on her baby sister Ruth
14. She loves reading the newspaper every morning
15. She loves her morning coffee
16. She loves salad without dressing
17. She orders everything my mom does at a restaurant, it’s so cute
18. She loves White Zinfandel
19. She loves to travel, which has been the toughest part for her about getting older… not being able to travel as much
20. She still does 5K’s every spring with my mom
21. She LOVES football
22. She LOVES the Patriots
23. She LOVES Tom Brady
24. She always asks how work is gong for her – every single time I see her
25. She loves to sit and watch the kids play
26. She worries about me when I travel for work
27. She actually has a Facebook account
28. She loves wearing jeans
29. She loves bouquets of flowers
30. She loves chocolate cake

Most important… she loves. She loves big and she loves full.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful, sweet, funny GRANDMA!

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Celebrating 92! was last modified: April 15th, 2017 by admin