Best Spring Activities with your Family

Spring has SPRUNG!

The flowers are blooming. The temps are rising. The days are lighter longer. The kids are OUTSIDE playing. It’s just a beautiful and perfect time of year! It’s always such a great time to get excited about the summer months ahead, too! As soon as SPRING rolls around, we’re outside with the kids! We HATE being cooped up indoors, we like to be outside getting air and really embracing the beauty of the world!

To embrace SPRING… I thought it would be fun to share some Activities that you can do with your Family in the Spring!

80 of them in total!

Try something different.

Try something out of the box.

Try something to bring smiles to everyone’s faces!

We tried canoeing recently in Virginia… I failed MISERABLY, but I tried it!

80 Things To Do in Spring with your Family:

Plant a garden
Bike ride
Hike in the woods
Neighborhood scavanger hunt
Lemonade sale
Family yard sale
Fly a kite
Build a fort outside
Play on a swingset – who can swing the highest?
Play a game of croquet
Go fishing
Build a sandbox
Play baseball
Play soccer
Take swimming lessons
Walk on the beach
Have a cookout
Massive game of tag
S’mores on the deck
Blow bubbles
Decorate your driveway with sidewalk chalk
Hang a birdhouse
Make gardening stones
Enjoy a picnic
Tug-of-War game with neighbors
Make your own ice cream
Roller skate
Play hopscotch
Visit a local zoo
Find a nature preserve
Yard work together outside
Painting project
Visit a Botantical Garden
Go flea market shopping
Visit a local nursery
Visit a Aviary
Outside yoga
Make your own bird food
Paint your driveway
Water fight
Egg toss
Water balloon toss
Go frog hunting
Build a rock wall
Plant a vegetable garden
Children’s theater
Canoe Rides
Pogo stick
Jump rope
Decorate flower pots
“I Spy” Bingo around your neighborhood
Dance party outside
Puppet show outside
Bouncy house fun
Make beautiful flower arrangements
Tye-Die a shirt
Build a playhouse
Movie night outside
Street hockey
Red Rover
Sprinkler time
Decorating cupcakes
Bocce ball
Wiffle ball game
Jewelry making afternoon
Kickball Game
T-Ball Time
Make slushies
Pizza making night
Smoothie night
Hide and go seek
Plant a tree
Head to a professional Baseball Game
Maple Tree Tapping
Magic Show Outside
Spring Party Celebration at HOME
Hopscotch Time

Here are 50 Things To Do Outside this Spring with Kids

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Best Spring Activities with your Family was last modified: April 5th, 2021 by admin