Daily Video: Traveling to Kalahari Resorts for a Weekend Getaway #LoveKalahari

The last 3 weeks have been crazy on the travel front for our family. I was away for 6 days earlier this month for a press trip to LA. My husband and older 2 sons were away for 4 days in Boston for a swim meet, I stayed home with a sick Victoria battling the flu. I then was off to NYC for 2 days for work. It’s been a seesaw of travel for our entire family and it’s been tough because it means I don’t get to see everyone regularly. I knew March was going to be a tough month, I just wasn’t prepared for how tough it would be on everyone.

So… when we were invited to head to Kalahari Resorts in the Poconos for a weekend, I JUMPED at the opportunity because I really wanted to make sure we had some quality family time together time month without anything else going on around us. I just wanted it to be the McClelland family. That’s it. And that’s what we got!

I’m going to be sharing our full weekend with you through videos this week! I love making videos of our family because they really serve as time capsules for me later on. I love looking back and smiling and really enjoying the time we had together! We left Friday (3/17) around 1PM and arrived in the Poconos around 5:30PM. My sons had never heard of Kalahari Resorts before, so as soon as I said these words, “Indoor Waterpark” they were GAME! When we got there, we needed to eat first – we were all starving! I felt bad because it was a big tease because we ate in the arcade! LOL! Talk about killing my sons (don’t worry, we took them on Sunday morning!). After dinner we went to the Waterpark and played for 3 hours till they closed for the night! It was INCREDIBLE!! SO MUCH FUN!!


I highly recommend Kalahari Resorts for a fun weekend away! It was perfect for us because it really allowed us all to be together and just have a ton of fun!! I’m not kidding, it was EXACTLY what we needed, refueled us to get us through the rest of the crazy week ahead!

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