Éclair Naturals Launches #NeverAny Campaign: Plus YOU Can Win $100 In Prizes

Calling all beauty lovers out there!

I’ve got a new brand for you to check out!

If you know me, you know I love beauty products – I have a full closet in my bathroom to prove it. I love sharing different options as to what is out there for women when it comes to the beauty category. I’m happy to introduce you today to ÉCLAIR.

Along with my bestie Vera, I participated in a fun photo shoot for ÉCLAIR last December. It was very interesting for me because I got to check out all the products up close and personal and ALSO had the chance to meet the team behind it.

So what is ÉCLAIR Naturals all about?

Their mission is to create great natural beauty products for great people. They believe that everybody deserves to have access to luxurious body care products that are also natural, efficacious and affordable.
Their business stands on three main pillars: luxuriousness of products, purity of formulas and food grade ingredients, backed by our tireless commitment to high quality, sustainability, transparency and customer satisfaction.

They are committed to their beauty products being…

They launched an integrated advertising campaign that puts forward a promise to their customers of “NEVERANY”. When using any product from their line, you can expect to find beauty and bath products without all the ingredients that you can do without.

Pretty cool campaign, right?

My personal favorite products (I have 3 of them!):

1. Fizzy Bath Cupcake – Lavender & Vanilla

Infused with pure sweet almond oil, vitamin E and pure botanical extracts, our Fizzy Bath Cupackes are the perfect treat for a pampering soak, with the benefits of skin moisturizing, soothing and conditioning.
I’m OBSESSED with taking baths. I try to get one at least once a week, so I love this option! Such a great way to relax!

2. Hand Sanitizer – French Lavender

You will fall in love with our natural hand sanitizers over and over again. Their unique moisturizing formula will not dry out your hands and thrilling natural fragrances will make you want to show it off everywhere you go. Perfectly sized for easy take-along, this is the natural companion for your purse/pocket.
With 7 people in my family, you can only imagine the importance of sanitizing! I love this one – it smells good and it works!!

3. Dead Sea Salt Scrub – French Lavender
Read more at http://eclairnaturals.com/shop/dead-sea-salt-scrub-french-lavender/#11JZxWoRqiGAjSbq.99

The French Lavender salt scrub is a true pampering “must-have”. Made with mineral-rich Dead Sea salt and powerful emollients like jojoba oil and sweet almond oil, this scrub provides the added benefit of botanical extracts that nourish and soothe the skin while removing dead skin cells. Indulge in a luxurious exfoliating experience every time you shower!
It’s funny, I’ve always loved scrubs to use in the shower. This is such a fab option!

But wait – I haven’t shared my favorite part yet! ÉCLAIR has taken the #NeverAny and turned it into a personal #NeverAny, which I adore. I love this because we ALL have something in our life that we choose to have NEVER ANY of and it’s important to open the discussion about it.

For me? What’s my #NeverAny?

That’s easy.

Never Any Self-Doubt.

As an entrepreneur, I’m a BIG believer in going after your dreams. I want all women and men to think that they can do anything, they just need to believe in themselves and have zero doubts. Incredible things can happen for you if you go after your passion… I encourage EVERYONE to do just that! I own that statement… never any self-doubt. Self-doubt gets you nowhere in life. I just love that this campaign inspires people to get out there and find their NEVER ANY!! So powerful because it’s different for everyone!

Now ÉCLAIR their NEVERANY campaign consists of a collection of artfully-designed images shot by internationally renowned fashion photographer Ruven Afanador, which feature women who are confident in their natural skin in order to initiate conversation and drive awareness about harmful ingredients that are often found in beauty products. They want this campaign to stand for complete transparency and disclosure of harmful ingredients that people are putting on their skin in their beauty products.

If you’d like more information about ÉCLAIR Naturals, click here. Also you can purchase products at any Rite Aid or Target online. Hot tip — the line is 25%off at Target and Rite Aid has $1/$2 off deals going on right now.

Also, we’d love to encourage you to Enter The NeverAny Contest!

Leave a comment below and let me know what your #NeverAny is – what speaks to you?

One winner will receive a $50 Target gift card plus $50 in ÉCLAIR Naturals.

Contest ends March 19th, 2017.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored posting.

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SHOWHIDE Comments (14)
  1. My #NeverAny is never any mom bashing in the school environment. We all approach parenting differently and sometimes differently with each child. Give other moms a break! We are all doing the best we can.

  2. #NEVERANY giving up. I am extremely stubborn and determined once I set my mind to something. Sometimes it takes me a while to get motivated though, but when I do, look out!

  3. My #NEVERANY being ashamed. I have what I have and I do my best for my family, we do not need extras to be happy.

  4. My #NEVERANY body shaming. Especially being critical of ourselves in front of our children. We teach them to never be happy with the way God made us and we are all different and beautiful!

  5. My #NEVERANY regrets. I must admit this is somewhat new to me, but so far things have worked out fine.

  6. mine is #NeverAny more physical blows to me,,after living in a abusive marriage for 30yrs..i waited till my kids were grown to leave,,when i left they were ages 18 and 28,,and was graduated out of high school,,i swore then 14 yrs ago that no one will ever lay another hand on me,,and they have not!i wish there had been the kind of help for spouses that are being abused that they have now,,but i survived and protected my kids,,and wont ever let myself be treated like that again

  7. My #NeverAny is putting other people down through name calling, verbal or physical abuse. It is never okay!

  8. My Never Any is not to let anybody take control of your life. Your life will be miserable. Run your own life.

  9. My #NeverAny is hating my body. Life is too short to hate yourself, embrace yourself!

  10. What is mine? #NeverAny self doubt and #NeverAny degrading by others. I use to not have the self doubt that I do now but I am working through my issues and will allow #NeverAny self doubt to rule my life and will allow #NeverAny degrading by others anymore.

  11. My #NeverAny is taking my body for granted. Having gone through a major life saving surgery I have sworn to never body shame or take my health for granted.

  12. #neverany doubt! I will not doubt who I am and what I can accomplish! Growing to know who I truly am in today’s world is tough but I continue everyday to be confident in my decisions, and not doubt who I am and what I am standing for!

Éclair Naturals Launches #NeverAny Campaign: Plus YOU Can Win $100 In Prizes was last modified: March 14th, 2017 by admin