Pure Cycles Balance Bikes for Toddlers

My daughter wants to be just like her big brothers. She adores them and whenever they’re playing, she wants to be right in the thick of it with them, too.

They love to play football, so she tries to play.
They love to swim, so she tries to swim.
They love to play baseball, so she is desperate to swing a bat.
They love to climb trees, so she stands underneath – excited to climb.

They love to ride bikes, so she wants her very own “big girl” bike just like her brothers. You know, she wants a true classic bike.

Well, thanks to Pure Cycles Balance Bikes, I can kind of deliver on this request!

Pure Cycles Balance Bikes sent me a bike to try out for Victoria and I love it for her. Oh! Very important to note, she LOVES it, too!

What’s this bike magic all about? As Pure Cycles says, “There’s something about the timeless lines of a thin-tubed, double-triangle frame that just looks “bikey”. Add a gently offset fork, quill stem, and vegan-leather grips and you’ve got a modern bike that feels like it just rolled out of the Wright Brother’s showroom.”

Yes. Yes. and Yes!

For little ones, tossing their weight back and forth to press down on the pedals can seem so scary! Pure Cycles Balance Bikes have made learning how to ride a bike more fun (for both kids and adults) by eliminating the pedals and allowing kids to scoot around using their feet.

Not ready to ride alone? – These Balance Bikes have a handy grip on the back of the saddle to hang onto, but don’t tell them when you let go.

Victoria was ALL over this and fell in love with her big girl bike! Look at how much fun she had on her own bike!

For reference if you’re interested – Sizing Details:
Age Recommendation: 2-5 years
Saddle to ground: Lowest-15″ , Highest-19″
Tested and Certified to CPSIA standards
Approved for riders 18 months and up

Thank you so much to Pure Cycles for this awesome bike! It’s PERFECT!

Disclosure: This bike was sent for review.

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Pure Cycles Balance Bikes for Toddlers was last modified: February 26th, 2017 by admin