Wear Red Day For Women

Wear Red Day for Women is here. I’m participating with a red, bold sweater! That’s right – I’m finding all of my fave red items and I’m wearing them proud this month! National Wear Red Day is a day in February when many people wear red to show their support for the awareness of heart disease.

Wear Red Day

Wear Red Day

Grab that RED sweater or blouse or scarf or tee or dress or skirt or pants and WEAR IT TODAY!! Why is it important to do this? It’s a personal thing to me, too. My maternal grandfather passed away at 47 years old heart disease, so I know the impact it has on lives. I watched my mother be without a father… me without a grandfather… and it really does have a lasting impact. Wear Red Day is a way to showcase the importance of Heart Health.

Wear Red Day

How can you support Wear Red Day?

Easy. Look in your wardrobe and find ANY red clothes that you possible can! I’m talking shoes and accessories and makeup… whatever it is you can find, wear it. Wear it proud. Wear it boldly. Wear it knowing that you’re spreading awareness. Wear it happily and wonderfully and beautifully.

Wear Red Day

It’s pretty simple.

National Wear Red Day For Women is a massive national public awareness day (the first Friday each February), urging women and people from all walks of life, businesses, towns, schools, the media, buildings and landmarks to “go red” and “glow red” to bring attention to the leading killers of women – heart disease and stroke.  Go Red For Women and show your commitment to reducing risk, improving health, and saving women’s lives.

Again… Wear red to raise awareness about cardiovascular disease and save lives. You never know what impact it will have on someone out there reading and watching and wearing.

Buy at your fave shops.

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