Little Fashionista

My Victoria. She’s my little fashionista. Every since having a little girl, for me, it’s been fun dressing her up. If you know me, you know I’m a little obsessed with fashion. I love fashion, I feel like it’s such a fabulous way to express your personality. I love beauty, I love trying new items and feeling extra confident and beautiful in them. What can I say – I’m a total girly girl.

Little Fashionista

Before I had Victoria, it was just me and my 5 guys (4 sons and my husband). I loved dressing them up alike. I loved dressing them like mini versions of my husband. It was so much fun for me. Fortunately they still let me dress them up (just not alike anymore)! When Victoria came along, it was a whole new world for me. A girl? Really? Dresses and skirts and sparkles and glitter? Yes to all of it!

As Victoria has gotten older – she’s a big 3 1/2 years old – she’s developed her own sense of style. She knows that Mommy loves to dress up and wear makeup and try lotions and creams and perfumes… and she has really become a little mini me. She’s ALWAYS in my closet touching my shoes or trying them on. She’s always on my makeup drawer asking me if she can wear “just a little bit.” She LOVES to go shopping and wants to buy everything she sees.

What can I say, she’s my girl. My little fashionista.

On Friday – I captured a fashionista moment that truly is Victoria to a “T!” She wanted me to take a photo of her “soft vest.” She kept striking a pose, which was making me laugh like crazy! She was being silly and adorable and just VICTORIA!! I happened to catch this sweet moment of her laughing back at me!

little fashionista

little fashionista Breakdown

Her look of the day (which she picked out) — Blank Leggings with Sparkles // Fur Vest // Pink Tunic // Snow Boots

She said she wanted pig tails, too!

So I obliged! 🙂

7 Things to Keep in Mind for your Little Fashionista:

  1. You can find some adorable items for her at specialty shops! Make sure you check to see what they have on hand! You can find some cute little items for super cheap!
  2. Anything with glitter (at least for my little fashionista) always works well. She’s a glitter girl!
  3. Always look for end of season sales! You can find some true cheap gems that are perfect for the next year or years.
  4. If you find anything with feathers or fur – pick it up! Always a hit!
  5. Look on eBay for any amazing items that would work for your little fashionista!
  6. Look online for some inspiration for some other little fashionistas out there!
  7. Be on top of current trends and pull from those ideas!!

I have a ton of luck at Target!

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Little Fashionista was last modified: February 21st, 2019 by admin