A Million Thank Yous to My Husband

My work-travel schedule has been very hectic lately. I just came back from a 7-day Conference, to turn around yesterday and jet to Newark, NJ for the day to shoot a Facebook Live project with Prudential Financial. I would easily say that over the next 6 weeks, I’m going to be traveling (at the very least) one day per week. With 5 kids, as you can imagine – it’s not easy to be home holding down the fort while “mom’s” away. As a matter of fact, it’s kinda crazy.

But my husband?

My incredible husband. He takes over and does it without one complaint. He does it effortlessly. And for that, I need to thank him a million (MILLION) times over.

We have this “thing” with each other when I’m away (which always makes it a little easier for me).  My husband will send me funny photos of the kids or sending me photos with funny captions, all to make me laugh. He know it’s not easy on me to be away, but he understands and supports my business to the core. He knows how important certain things are and he never ever, ever makes me feel bad about being away. He’s my biggest cheerleader, my biggest supporter. He’s got everything at home covered and he lets me go off and HUSTLE!

And for that alone, I can’t thank him enough.

But! Back to the photos. I need to share some of the funny ones from this week…

“She’s excited for snow because it’s cold on her tongue.”

“All I could think about was you saying to them – Make Sure You WASH Your Hands!”

“Don’t worry – he’ll put everything back after the project tomorrow. He needs to be an archeologist.”

“Are these her snow pants?” (NO, they weren’t. They were Henry’s.)

“I told her she couldn’t have another cookie. This is the point of exhaustion that we’re at right now.”

To my amazing husband for making me laugh and holding down the fort, I love you.

A Million Thank Yous to My Husband was last modified: February 16th, 2017 by admin
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A Million Thank Yous to My Husband was last modified: February 16th, 2017 by admin