11 Ways To Be Happy

Happiness is the way to be in life. Let’s face it, most people want to be around happy people. And – let me go a step further here, happy people are contagious to be around. Happy people are positive, content, and (usually) attract other happy people to them.

What can I say… happiness brings joy. Happiness brings love. Happiness brings success. Happiness brings good things to you. Just think about this right now, when you’re upset and feeling down – when you see SOMEONE else laughing and smiling, it instantly makes you curious as to what the source of their happiness is, right? You even (dare I say it) might smile, too!

Throughout my entire life I’ve tried to make it my mission to be around happy people. Life is too short to be around people who are negative, unhappy and not pleasant. I want my days to be filled with happiness and so, this is truly how I try to life my life.

How can you be happy? Even on the days when you just want to stay in bed under the covers? I’ve got some ideas for you! Hopefully one of these (or more!) will help!

11 Ways to Be Happy

  1. Music – Play music that makes you happy! I love to play Meghan Trainor, PINK, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, etc! Everyone has their favorite song that makes them want to get up and dance! This makes you happy! When I was a teenager, I would always blast my cassette tapes in the morning while I got ready, it make me happy and laugh and dance! Believe it or not, I still do this in the morning!
  2. Smile – This is an easy one to do because you can do it at anytime and it’s something you can do anywhere! Smiling can actually make you happy! You can actually make yourself feel happy by smiling. Go ahead, try it!
  3. Your Tribe – Surround yourself with people who make you happy. We all have people in our life who are consistently happy, be with them! Don’t get caught up with people who are negative and unhappy. Happy people are like magnets to other happy people, so find them!
  4. Date Night – Planning a special date night with your love or even just a date night with a group of friends can make you happy! It’s exciting to know that something fun is coming up, especially with people you love to be with. Date night with my husband always makes me happy. 🙂
  5. Working Out – Yes, working out can make you happy. Get your blood pumping, I promise it feels good and it might be tough while you’re doing it, but you’re making yourself happy! I always feel happy after a good workout, even if it’s just a 20 minute run. It works!
  6. Watch a Funny Show/Movie – I’m a sucker for a fabulous comedy on TV or at the movies! What makes you laugh out loud? Watch that. It’s such a great way to get you in a happy mood and keep you there. My sons love watching funny YouTube videos! Hey – whatever works, right?
  7. Grateful Journal – Write down 5 things every night before you head to bed that made you happy that day. This is a great way to journal your gratefulness and happiness, which go hand in hand. What brought you happiness throughout the day? See what it was and keep doing those things. Keep being with those people.
  8. Hot Bath – Want to know what will bring you happiness? Soak in a warm, yummy tub (or shower!). Allow yourself to really just relax and let go of all the stress! Believe me, this relaxation will make you VERY happy!
  9. Sleep – Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, this is VERY important! If you’re tired all the time, you’re not going to be happy. Really allow yourself to get a good, solid sleep. Head to bed early 2-3 nights a week to ensure that you’re getting enough.
  10. Organization – Having an organized space can make you happy! We all know that chaos breeds chaos – well, eliminate the chaos! Make sure you’re keeping your personal space clean, organized and pretty. Pretty things can make you happy, too!
  11. Kids – If you’re a parent, you’ll get this one. My kids make me the happiest. My kids are 12, 11, 10, 8 and 3. I love doing fun things with them that bring them joy and happiness because this makes me happy. I love seeing their faces light up, it’s my greatest joy.



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11 Ways To Be Happy was last modified: February 21st, 2017 by admin