Welcome, 2017! It’s Going to be a Whale of a Year!

Happy 2017!

For me – it’s the YEAR OF THE WHALE!

As you know from my blog and Instagram feed, I’m kind of obsessed with Vineyard Vines. With Vineyard Vines they’re known for their WHALES and I just love, love, love that about them!

I thought with 2017 here, this year (for me) would be all about the whale!


The whale’s gifts includes – record keeper for all eternity, power of song, all knowledge associated with voice, all aspects of the sea, beauty of movement, psychic and telepathic abilities, wisdom, provider, inner depth. Using the rhythm and patterns of sound, the whale teaches us to hear our inner voices, to be in touch with our personal truths, thus knowing wisdom and feeling the heartbeat of the universe.

This is cool to me because the whale animal power shows you how to go deep within yourself to stir your inner creativity and imagination. You will also be taught not to become too lost in your imagination but to live in the ‘real world’ – every day waking reality. Give your own creative intuition to formulas – this is what charges them with power and magic. The whale does not teach creativity for the sake of creativity. A deep, creative inspiration is awakened, but you must add your own colour and light to your outer life to make it glorious.

So… I thought it would be fun to showcase these bold and beautiful Vineyard Vines shirts with me and my girl today to kick off the New Year!

We’re READY for 2017!!

How about YOU??????

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