Say to Hello to Febreze Home

I’m all about creating a smart house.

It’s a passion for me and my husband.

We’re a technology-driven family, so for us – bringing in new ways to make our home ever smarter is key. We’re all about bringing things into our home that are going to make our lives easier and more convenient. I love having “smart” things at my fingertips, it’s not only cool – it’s also fascinating.

When I saw that Febreze was bringing something to a your home, I was ALL OVER IT. I’m a HUGE Febreze fan and user. With 4 boys (enough said) and I little girl I have used Febreze for YEARS. It’s been a staple in my bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms and basement. I really love that I can clean away odors in my house morning, noon and night!

So how has my favorite Febreze gone smart for the home (are you ready for this)?

P&G has unveiled a new product called Febreze Home™. A multi-functional, revolutionary new product in air care, Febreze Home learns when a room needs a burst of freshness and when it doesn’t while also working to eliminate surprise odors from cooking, pets or bathrooms with the press of a button using the Febreze Connect App™.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Febreze Home™ lets you control how much scent you want and when you want it so your home is fresh – and odor free – when it matters most.

Smelly 4 pairs of sneakers?

Smelly gym bags?

Smelly meal that “mom” burned?

Smelly bedrooms?

Smelly laundry room?

With a simple process, you can experience unprecedented control to easily increase or decrease freshness and customize settings for each room with more devices.

How does it work? It’s VERY simple (my 12 year old helped me set it up!).

  1. Plug in the device
  2. Launch the Febreze Connect™ App
  3. Customize settings for each room
    with more devices
  4. Detects temperature and humidity in the room
  5. Uses Febreze™ NOTICEables and Unstopables refills
  6. Wifi and Thread™ enabled

You’re (literally) getting personalized long lasting Febreze™ freshness – day or night. It’s AMAZING! As a Febreze lover, this is everything. As a smart home lover, this is everything. I love the converging of these 2 worlds. Not to mention, it’s all on YOUR personal schedule. When you need freshness, you get it! And!! It’s super easy to reorder, it lets you personally know when you are low on scent. Another bonus? Febreze Home™ also detects temperature and humidity in the room and serves as both a nightlight and motion censored pathlight.

Febreze Home™ is compatible with Nest™ to automatically sync scent release with air flow for better, more even room coverage and starting in March, a series of new integrations will be rolled out, including Amazon Echo and Google Home for hands-free control using voice commands and IFTTT to connect to your favorite services to do more with the services you love.

The Febreze Home™ device is available for purchase at and retails for $79.00. It includes the Febreze Home™ device and a Fresh Scent scented oil refill. The Febreze Connect™ App is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Febreze Home uses Febreze NOTICEables or Unstopables refills which are available for purchase through the app or at,, and at retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, grocery stores.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Febreze. All opinions are 100% my own.



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  1. Love that it lets you control how much you want. Amazing what technology can do, even making your smell house good and it’s also a nightlight. Sounds like a great gift for my mom for her birthday.

  2. Well that is heaven in an app! I love that you can control the amount of scent that is released. I can reduce the amount when the kids aren’t home!

  3. My teen and tween boys share a room, and could use one of the Febreze homes in there to help keep their room fresh. Ours would probably need to work overtime. LOL

  4. That is really neat, I had no idea the technology available now to make your home a febreeze home. Looks like I may have to give this a try!

  5. We are all about having a smart home too and I love this new idea from Febreze! It’s so important your home smell fresh, but this means you can have exactly the right amount of freshness – and I love the app!!

  6. Hey, that’s pretty cool that you can use the app. I love that it can release just when you need it. Big Febreze fan here too!

Say to Hello to Febreze Home was last modified: June 5th, 2017 by admin