How to Stay on Top of your Child’s Digestive Health

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This year for the McClelland family is all about taking care of our health. It’s something that’s very important for me because I want to make sure we’re doing everything we can as a family to maintain healthy selves.

When it comes to myself, I’ve set up (or finished) all my annual doctor “routine” visits and have been passionate about working out and eating healthy. When it comes to my husband, even though he’s 42 years old and fully capable of taking care of himself, I still like to make sure he’s maintaining a healthy diet, getting to our family physician for routine visits and working out. When it comes to my 5 children, I’m extremely passionate about making sure I’m doing everything I possibly can to make sure they’re healthy and sticking with (and committing to) healthy habits. With the start of every New Year, I like to sit down and make a list of what I want to make sure we stay focused on throughout the year. Health is a BIG one for me this year. Since we kicked off 2017 with a 10-day vacation (Disney Cruise in the Caribbean!), I really feel like right now is the “official” start to our 2017 and I’m ready to set my “2017 goal” list in motion.

One thing that tops my list for my children in maintaining a healthy lifestyle this year is making sure they maintain a proper digestive health. It’s something that parents may overlook, but it’s something that I feel is important to keep in mind and stay on top of for my children.

How do I stay on top of this?

Easy. I make sure my kids are taking a daily probiotic, like Align Jr. Probiotic, which is good bacteria that are essential for many vital body functions, including a healthy digestive track.

With the holiday season completely wrapped, my kids are all back in school again. They had a wonderful week and a half off and really enjoyed being able to kick back and relax at home without any homework, reports due or assigned books to read. They thoroughly embraced their holiday break! Not to mention, they really started back to school on the 17th since they were on vacation. As their mom, I can ALREADY see that they are stressed about the workload again and just changing back into their regular busy routine. My sons swim competitively 4 days a week, so we’re literally ALWAYS on the go. We are just not that kind of family that sits still. It’s just a regular thing for us to be here, there and everywhere. With 5 kids, it’s almost impossible to ever just “be!”

When I found out this past fall that Align had come out with Align Jr., I was thrilled. Since Align is a brand I trust and use, I instantly felt comfortable knowing that my kids would benefit. Throughout the years, I had tried a few different approaches – food wise – to help my kids fortify their healthy digestive systems, but nothing worked well for me. My kids are picky eaters, so what I was hoping they’d eat, they just wouldn’t. The best option for my family is a daily probiotic supplement, specifically made for kids, like Align Jr.

Want to know the best part for my kids?

Align Jr. is offered in a great-tasting cherry chewable (for kids 6 years and above). I’m telling you, it’s much easier when your kids like the taste of something you’re asking them to eat!

So what am I proposing for my kids throughout 2017?

I want them to commit to taking a daily Align Jr. chewable. Align Jr. contains a unique pure-strain of beneficial bacteria Bifantis™ that can help support your child’s digestive health* with a simple daily dose*, easily taken every morning. Just like I have them eat breakfast, get dressed, brush their teeth and take a daily vitamin, this can easily be added to our morning routine! I just want a healthy 2017 for my family and I appreciate that Align Jr. (and Align for me!) can help me accomplish my goal.

Tell me, have you thought about adding Align Jr. into your child’s morning routine?

Let’s make 2017 the best it can be for everyone in your family!

Join me in taking the steps to creating healthy habits for our families!

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  1. I really need to look into this for my kids. With my oldest son having digestive issues at time, the Align Jr. chewables just may help to keep his system healthy! Thanks for the $5off coupon also. Great article!

  2. I’ve been wanting to give a probiotic to my kids. I like the idea of a chewable better than a drop one I saw. I’m glad Align has a Jr version, maybe it’s time to try it. Thanks.

  3. Probiotics are great in maintaining the digestive system. Our entire family takes them, especially after we’re sick and finish a round of antibiotics.

  4. Probiotics are so important! I do need to be better about having us all take them on a daily basis. These look like a really convenient option.

  5. Probiotics were recommended to us a few year ago for a daughter and thankfully she didn’t mind adding it to her routine. Thanks for the coupon, I will give this brand a try for sure.

  6. I never really considered this for my girls. Seems they can eat almost anything and never get an upset stomach. But I, on the other hand, have to watch what I put in my mouth!

How to Stay on Top of your Child’s Digestive Health was last modified: June 5th, 2017 by admin