Day 1 of 365 Days of Hustle #Hustle2017

Happy 2017!! The year of the HUSTLE!! Every single day we will be posting a Daily Hustle Tip!

We’re kicking off Day #1 TODAY!!

Today’s all about defining your goals for the year. Grab a notebook and start writing. Be big and bold OR be short and sweet. Layout what you would love to see at this exact time next year. In order to manifest your business goals (and personal goals, too!) you need to know what it is you want to go after.

Are you looking to bring in “X” dollars in business?
Do you want to triple your YouTube subscribers?
Are you starting a new business?
Do you want to start a blog?
Do you want to be on TV?
Do you want to get published?

What is it you want?

The beauty of YOUR personal goals is that you can jot down 1 or 100 or more!

Really take the time to define what it is you want this year and ENJOY the process!

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