How to Boost your Energy #NeverQuit

If you stopped me on any given day and asked me how I was doing, I’d probably say to you, “I’m good, just busy!” I always feel badly telling people I’m busy, but it’s true. I live a very busy, always on-the-go lifestyle. As a mom of 5 (just that!) I’m always on the move.

I always joke with my husband that I feel like we’re always on a merry-go-round! We just go and go and go! Never stopping! Honestly, from the second I wake up in the morning, to the second my head hits my pillow… I’m in constant “GO” mom-mode.

What do I mean by that?

There’s breakfast and lunches and backpacks to pack in the morning.

There’s (always) the rush to the bus stop by 8:10 am.

There’s laundry and cleaning and beds to make throughout the day. And just keeping the house tidy for my family.

There’s homework to administer every night, CCD and swim practice to get my kids to 5 nights a week.

Then there’s our regular evening dinner/reading/bedtime routines.

All of this. Every single day… times 5.

Believe me, it’s the best job in the world, but there are days it leaves me tired. VERY, very tired.

Oh! And let me toss in that I work full-time as an entrepreneur, owning my own website and various digital properties with my best friend Vera Sweeney. So when I’m not in full mom/wife mode, I’m in my hustle hard and work mode.

Energy. It’s what I need. Extra energy to keep me going throughout the day.

Recently I was introduced to The Refreshinq Co., whose goal is to create a movement across the country to inspire people to meet their health and wellness goals. They are a team of health-minded individuals that are truly focused on helping to deliver all the nutrients to your body that it needs, when it needs them, through natural products. As soon as I say that they offered an Energy Support Patch, I was intrigued. This. This is what I need. This will help me out!

What is the Energy Support Patch all about?

You can optimize your energy throughout the day with this convenient, timed-release, latex-free energy patch. The patch is your natural alternative to oral vitamins, supplements and powders.

In all honesty, I’m VERY apprehensive about taking anything for energy that isn’t natural. When I saw that it was natural and a patch, I immediately wanted to try it out. The Energy Support Patch delivers consistent energy all day long through the slow release of guarana, green tea extract, B12 and CoQ10. I also LOVE that it’s time-release, so it’s only going to give me an energy boost when I need it. They make it easy for me to add into my life. I started using it right in the New Year and I could definitely tell that – when needed – the energy boost was there for me.  I actually forgot I had it on because it’s hidden under my shirt, but there was definitely an energy boost effect, which is what I wanted to feel! My energy levels seem to dip around 3/4PM in the afternoon. It’s right when the kids get home from school and we’re prepping to get out the door with swimming.

Please note, too – if you’re not looking for an Energy Support Patch, they offer other options for whatever you need. They have overall health patches and weight support patches (that I actually just recommended to a family member, so I will let you know how they work!). Take the time to head over and check them out.

They also have an INCREDIBLE #NeverQuit Pledge weaved into their company which I just adore. I’m a total go-getter and true believer in going after your goals. The Refreshinq Co. poses the question to their community — Personally, professionally or physically, what is the one thing you will never quit?

What is that ONE thing you will never quit?

What are you working towards?

They are asking everyone to make a Never Quit Pledge, share it on social media and make it the promise that drives you to accomplish your goals.

For me?

My #NeverQuit goal is to never stop going after my dreams. I have many dreams that I want to come true in my lifetime. They are dreams that I have wished many stars upon, but most of all, work very hard to accomplish. I’m not there yet, and in all honesty, I will always have goals in my life… but I’m pledging to never stop going after them. I just need my energy to keep up with me, where they will help, too!

Disclosure: Sponsored posting with The Refreshinq Co.




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  1. Amen, sister. With my low testosterone and kids who refuse to sleep through the night, I’m constantly exhausted. And because I’m giving up sodas, I need some infusion of energy to keep me going.

    Hence, why I think this is a great idea!

  2. How cool is that, I had not even heard of it before. I know I don’t want those energy drinks, I have tried them and they didn’t work well. I think this will be something worth a try!

  3. Now this is something new and different. I like the natural aspect of it. I’m not into all the fancy energy drinks, mainly because of whats in them, this sounds like a great option though.

  4. Wow! I truly need something like this. I too am apprehensive about anything that isn’t natural. I’ve been yearning lately for the energy I had in my 20’s… even my 30’s. But this! This sounds like it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  5. Wow! I’ve never heard of anything like that. I always joke that I’d like to bottle my kids’ energy. Looks like someone figured it out!

How to Boost your Energy #NeverQuit was last modified: June 5th, 2017 by admin