How to Track Santa on Christmas Eve

It’s the ONE thing we’re asked every single Christmas Eve, “Mom and Dad? Where is Santa RIGHT NOW?”

It’s probably one of my most favorite question’s to get because you can truly see the magic and love of Christmas alive and well in my kids’ eyes.

It’s a magical sight to see! Not to mention, they have to be SLEEPING for Santa to arrive! After all, Santa sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake! Now, on December 24th, turn the tables on jolly ol’ Saint Nick and get live updates on his journey with the help of KAYAK and Amazon Alexa!

The perfect way to bring some magical fun into your house (and easy way to show the kids!)!

Simply start by saying to Alexa, “Alexa, ask KAYAK to track Santa.” Using a combination of navigation software, algorithms and insider-elf intelligence from North Pole Central Command, Alexa uses KAYAK’s Flight Tracker to pinpoint Kris Kringle’s location during his holiday flight.


This year, gather the kids ‘round your Amazon Echo for some Yuletide cheer. Once you’ve enabled the KAYAK skill in your Alexa app, you can begin tracking Santa by asking any of these questions:

–        Alexa, ask KAYAK to track Santa.
–        Alexa, ask KAYAK, when will Santa be in Rhode Island?
–        Alexa, ask KAYAK when Santa will be here?

Tracking Santa is just one of the many ways KAYAK is changing voice-activated travel search. For instance, we can also track flights for any airline, not just sleighs and reindeer. Be sure to download the KAYAK skill for your Alexa app to use our Santa Tracker, or search for flights, hotels, rental cars and more –read this blog post to find out everything you can do with the KAYAK skill for Alexa.

How to Track Santa on Christmas Eve was last modified: July 2nd, 2017 by admin
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How to Track Santa on Christmas Eve was last modified: July 2nd, 2017 by admin