19 Things I Wouldn’t Mind My Husband Giving Me for Christmas #MomLife

Every year my husband asks me, “What do you want for Christmas?”

And every year I usually say the same thing, “Don’t worry about me.”

Which is code for — you better get me SOMETHING. Fortunately it only took 3-4 Christmases for him to get that! WINK WINK!

Wishlist Items for the Lady in your Life

But in all reality, I don’t need ANYTHING (meaning OBJECT) in particular. Would I love a Louis Vuitton bag? Sure. Would I love a cashmere sweater? Sure. Would I love a fabulous new watch? Sure. Here’s the thing… I don’t want him going crazy on me money-wise. I start to think of ALL the stuff we could do with that money for the kids for the holidays or just for our family in general. I love him getting me a little something something because I do believe during the holidays that it’s the thought that counts. I want our children seeing their parents gift each other items that mean something, that show love, that show that we care about each other. That’s important to me.

And… I’m just going to say it. I work very, very, very hard. If there’s something I really, really want, I save up for it myself and buy it. There’s something really amazing (even at the age of 38!) when you want something and save up for it. You appreciate it more.

That being said. There ARE things I wouldn’t mind getting from my husband (and kids) for Christmas. These are things that I would REALLY love… really, really, really love.

1. A morning to sleep till 10AM. Just letting me stay in bed watching TV or reading or actually (gasp!) sleeping.

2. Time to shower without ONE interruption. That would be a HUGE luxury to me. HUGE. GIGANTIC. Even time (dare I say it) to shave my legs (gift for him, too!).

3. Breakfast in bed. Just like we were newlyweds again.

4. Date Night out. Babysitter, reservations all made by him.

5. Bathrooms cleaned so well that you could eat off the floor (not that we ever would, but you get the drift).

6. The cars completely cleaned and vacuumed out. Not so much as a CHEERIO on the floor!

7. One full day to watch every single holiday romance movie. A 24 hour binge.

8. An afternoon at the spa… ahhhhhh! Manicure, pedicure, facial, massage… I can just feel it now.

9. My upstairs bathroom fixed and complete. It’s been on the fritz for a year now, I would love a “Mom and Dad” bathroom so we don’t have to keep sharing with the little ones!

10. Fridge cleaned. Top to bottom.

11. Kids Closets all gone through and organized. By them. (Victoria will need some assistance!)

12. Movie night. Actually AT the movies with a HUGE popcorn that’s just mine.

13. Lunch with the GIRLS. They can be ANY girls. Just a lunch out with some laughter, and yes… I would at least need to know them! LOL! 😉

14. Bubble bath. WHAT!!??

15. Hair salon visit where I’m not rushing home worried I’m going to be late to pick someone up or drop someone off!

16. All my photos and videos backed up up on my laptop.

17. Time to read a book. Actually a book that I can pick up and turn the page. A REAL book.

18. Teach the boys how to do their own laundry. This would be awesome to have them know how to do for Christmas! They’d realize quickly that they don’t need to wash every single item that they put on (like jammies) after one wear.

19. Meeting up with my mom and dad for dinner.

Just a short little list. 🙂

Any number would do.

Any number at all.

No particular order.

I’m probably missing a bunch… but I’d start off with this kind of list.

OH… and if he is really looking for a Louis Vuitton bag, the Artsy tops my list!

19 Things I Wouldn’t Mind My Husband Giving Me for Christmas #MomLife was last modified: November 27th, 2018 by admin
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19 Things I Wouldn’t Mind My Husband Giving Me for Christmas #MomLife was last modified: November 27th, 2018 by admin