Victoria Directing Her Own Modeling Shoot #Video #CantMakeThisUp


Oh, my Victoria.

If you follow my blog regularly, you know I waited a long time for a little girl. Boys were the only thing I really knew as a mom, so when Victoria came along it was BRAND NEW territory for me!

Every morning I try and get a photo of Victoria’s outfit. She’s definitely used to it by now, so it’s become our “thing!” Yesterday she was in a league of her own. Usually I’ll tell her to stand and smile, you know – regular type things like that. Well… looks like she’s been listening and thinking of her own poses.

I started snapping a bunch of photos of her, but then she started directing. I couldn’t help it, I pretended to keep taking photos and just let my video camera roll!

As much as this video is liquid gold to me, so are the photos along with it! I was able to get about 30 photos on my phone!


My 2 faves?



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