Priceless Holiday Gift: StoryWorth

My 91 year old grandmother was in the hospital this past October with pneumonia. My parents just happened to be on vacation when she got sick, so as they were rushing back to Rhode Island from Maine, I was the one who sat with her in the hospital. I’m the oldest grandchild for my grandma. We’ve always, always, always had a very special bond. screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-8-38-39-amMy grandma has lived a lot of life in the last 91 years. She was a navy wife with 3 children. She became a widow way too early in life, at the age of 51. She has 6 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren… and believe it or not, just participated in a 5K this past August! She’s one heck of an incredible lady. While I sat with my grandmother in the hospital last month, I had the chance to chat with her. I mean, really chat with her. There was no interruption from my kids. There was no time limits or time restraints. It was just us, the two of us talking. And it made me truly realize to the core just how much I want my 5 kids to know her like I know her. My grandma is part of the reason why I’m here and my kids are here, she’s part of my fabric of life. She’s part of who I am. She knows the story of my beginnings… and my mom’s beginnings. That’s pretty incredible. I want her stories and my mom’s stories to be known, to be told, to be shared, to be recoded in history… because these pieces of life make up who I am and who my children are, too.

Thanks to StoryWorth, my wish can come true.

StoryWorth is a personal, meaningful, unique gift. It’s the gift of family and connection,  and helps you to preserve your family’s memories in a way our ancestors simply didn’t have.

So what exactly is StoryWorth? It’s the easiest way for your family to share and record their stories.

Once you purchase a package for your family member (or yourself!), they receive 1 question a week from StoryWorth’s library of over 600 questions (you can also edit questions or write your own). The recipient can simply reply via email with their story – and include photos – or (what would work for my grandmother) record it over the phone. Once they send their story in, a copy is emailed to you in real time, so you can reply to the story with questions or comments.  it really is a beautiful way to truly record history.


After a year, StoryWorth prints the shared stories into a beautiful hardcover book for you to enjoy and savor forever. screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-8-35-45-amIt’s the gift that keeps on giving: you get your family’s stories not once but throughout the year, culminating in a keepsake book. It really is something priceless.

Thinking about my grandmother, this is perfect for her.  There are so many things I want to know, or want her to reshare… because again, you have the ability to choose your own questions, too!

How did you meet my grandfather?

What was it like being a navy wife?

Why did you name my mom Sharon?

What do you love about being a great-grandmother?

And to know I (as well as my mom) respond with comments, it’s a priceless gift! My mom is the anchor in my grandma’s life, so I know it would be wonderful and emotional for her to be part of this, too.

This truly is the perfect holiday gift.


If you’re like me and would love to record history and stories for your family, StoryWorth is definitely something you need to check out!  A year’s subscription includes 1 storyteller, unlimited recipients, and 1 book. They offer 5 customizable book covers, which I love. For the holidays, they’re discounting the price from the regular $79/year to $59/year. They also have beautifully designed custom printables to make your gift feel festive and personal.

This really is the kind of gift that you will cherish forever and ever.

Disclosure: Sponsored posting with StoryWorth. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. What a neat idea and a special way to capture history for generations to come. I am going to pin this and read up some more to see if it’s something my Dad would be willing to do.

  2. This is such a marvelous idea! We would always record them telling funny stories about their youth and distribute them to family. Such a great way of remembering someone!

  3. Your grandma doing a 5k is awesome. I love the idea of capturing all the neat details about my grandma while she is still with us.

  4. Omg can we say cutest gift ever?!?! I just love giving gifts like this because of all the thought behind them!

Priceless Holiday Gift: StoryWorth was last modified: June 5th, 2017 by admin