Wild for Wildkin Olive Kids

Prepping Victoria for back to school has been everything I’ve ever wanted it to be! After 4 sons, a little girl is totally and amazingly different and out of my comfort zone. Everything is about pink and glitter and bold and bright and beautiful. I’m in mom heaven getting all the essentials for her! It’s been a total blast!

One thing on Victoria’s back to school list – a backpack.

Let’s face it, you can’t go to school without some sort of bag – even at 3 years old!

When we hosted our back to school event with Lysol, we gave each attendee a fabulous Wildkin backpack…


I have to say, everyone raved about them! The colors, the designs, the patterns… there was a match for every style and personality!


Knowing that my Victoria was going to be needing a new backpack, the second I saw the Zigzag Pink, I KNEW it was the perfect one for my little fashionista! ♥


And then I saw it at my house, on her backpack hook and I smiled from ear to ear…


But then I saw it on her and my heart melted!


Check out Wildkin Olive Kids backpacks! They have a ton of styles and they are sure to bring happy faces to your kids! We use Victoria’s as a diaper bag and toy carrier, too!

Check out all the styles here.

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