Mindfulness for Busy Working Moms — It is possible? #SK


I was honored when SheKnows.com asked me to share my story and journey about committing to mindfulness throughout this year. It’s something that I need for myself, to the core. With 5 kids and working full-time, my life can be… well, busy (to say the least). Life can get overwhelming and stressful at times, so for me – I needed to find ways to help relieve it all. My life really is always in constant motion, and truth be told, I love it. This year I have been WAY MORE conscious of the constant motion and stress that certain things bring me. That’s where the mindfulness comes in for me. What I love about mindfulness is that it can easily be incorporated into your everyday life. Aetna inspired all of this in me because they believe that taking a moment for yourself every day can help reduces stress and boost overall well-being.

I’m excited to share five ways I’m giving myself moments of reflection and mindfulness, click over to my article on SheKnows.com to read it in full!

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