ELMO Love2Learn Surprise Box! #Love2Learn

Victoria is obsessed with ELMO.


Actually – all of my children have been obsessed with ELMO. He’s that cute, little friend that they’ve each had in their lives. It’s been adorable to see throughout the years!

A special ELMO surprise arrived at our door yesterday for Victoria! She noticed it IMMEDIATELY! ELMO’s face was right on the box with a big yellow sticker that said VICTORIA! I knew she would love whatever was in the box, but I wasn’t prepared for how excited she was going to get!!

I’m excited to see how she’ll be when we open everything up, especially the Love2Learn ELMO toy! With Victoria now in preschool this year, I’m all about finding toys that she can play with, but also learn from! This is the perfect combination for her!

Here are some of the cool features from the ELMO Love2Learn, which is wonderful because you can download the Love2Learn app to go hand in hand with it:
– Elmo will refer to a child by name when parents select it in the Love2Learn Elmo app
– Customize toy play with the app! 350+ responses
– Sings 10 songs, laughs, and plays games and music
– Elmo interacts with the app’s games to play with children
– Includes Elmo toy and instructions
– Powered by 4x 1.5 AA Alkaline Batteries. Not included.

I will be posting about our experience with ELMO Love2Learn, too!

ELMO Love2Learn Surprise Box! #Love2Learn was last modified: June 5th, 2017 by admin
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ELMO Love2Learn Surprise Box! #Love2Learn was last modified: June 5th, 2017 by admin