10 Reasons to Read – Mad Dash by Tom Kiernan

Reading in my house is a requirement it’s not an optional. Every night – 30 minutes before bed – it’s reading time. As me, there’s nothing like seeing my kids curled up with a book that they’re just totally engrossed within. The phone could ring… the microwave could be going off… the doorbell could be ringing… and nothing from my kids because they’re THAT into whatever they’re reading.

Yes, those are the kinds of books I love my kids to read because I know it’s making an impact. I know whatever storyline is on the pages it’s hooked my kids. It’s got them exactly where you want them to be… weaved within the story of the book.

If you’re looking for an INCREDIBLE book for your tween kids (and one that will capture them from the beginning), I’ve got one for you – Mad Dash – Bite My Dust by Tom Kiernan.


I ALWAYS get nervous writing book reviews because I never, ever want to give the book away – that’s part of the magic of reading! I always write my blog posts and then go back 100 times to make sure I didn’t give ANYTHING away! To give you a quick summary of the book, I’m including the amazon.com summary (they never give too much away, which is great!):

Imagine that you have less than a year to live and your only chance of survival is the app on a phone that belongs to a Chinese boy named Stevie Ching. And when Stevie is kidnapped from the streets of Ridgewood, NJ, the phone falls into your hands. If that doesn’t sound crazy enough, mix in a professional gang of criminals chasing after you because you’ve got what they want; the app on Stevie’s phone…for time travel. CJ King and Hank Martin, aka Lumpy and Bones, could not be more opposite…or better friends. They are about to embark on their final year of Junior High…and the journey of a lifetime.

Intriguing, right?

Check Tom out on The Rhode Show, too!

SO… why readMad Dash – Bite My Dust?

Here’s 10 Reasons:

1. It’s a book with an ADVENTURE. These are the best kinds of books for tweens because they immediately get lost in the fantasy of the adventure. Not to mention, it’s an adventure with 2 friends… so you feel connected to the characters because you go through this with them.

2. I love any book where there’s a bond of friendship within it. When you’re a tween, friends are your anchors and lifelines.

3. The illustrations are AMAZING!

4. I love how Tom touches on the technology age. As a digital mom, technology is really in my blood. I love it. I live it. I’m completely self-taught. For our kids… it’s second nature for them. They’ve grown up with it. I LOVE how Tom brought technology into Mad Dash in such a smart way!

5. Tom’s writing is phenomenal! He does such a wonderful way of making this book FUNNY and FUN for tweens. That’s not easy to do and he did it perfectly!

6. I also love how this book is great for boys or girls. With 4 sons, I sometimes find it difficult finding books for just them (that they haven’t read). I love how both girls and boys will fall in love with this book.

7. I mean, the 2 main characters are – Lumpy and Bones. How cool is that???

8. There’s a wonderful message for kids in this book. I really appreciate this immensely. I love how your kids will leave this book with a great message. It’s something I wish ALL books did for tweens.

9. It’s also a GREAT book for adults! I (obviously) read it, too!

10. Tom’s from Rhode Island… that within itself makes him awesome!!!

Pick up a copy over!

Here’s a direct link to it on AMAZON.

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  1. I can’t wait until my olds are kid enough to actually read and be engrossed in books, but for now it’s all picture books and short stories 🙂

    On second thought, I CAN wait – I wish they’d stop growing!

10 Reasons to Read – Mad Dash by Tom Kiernan was last modified: June 5th, 2017 by admin