Pearle Vision Helped My Son Get Ready For Back To School

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With back-to-school time upon us, as parents we get our kids prepped and ready as best as we possibly can.  We buy new clothes and shoes. We stock them up with school supplies. We get new backpacks and lunch bags.  We start filling the fridge with extra foods and beverages for school morning breakfasts and lunches.  We get emergency contacts in place for school.  We just start taking care of everything that will get our children ready for the new upcoming school year.

But what about eye exams for your children?  Is this on your back to school list for your family?

It should be.  Believe it or not, 90% of children under the age of 6 who should be wearing prescription glasses are not.

As a parent of a child who needed intervention with his eye-sight when he was in 2nd grade (and had no idea!), it’s important to me to pass along this message to other moms and dads out there.  We stay in top of doctor and dentist appointments, but many times the eye exams for our kids don’t get made and they should, just as routinely.  I just wear glasses for reading, which is the same with my husband, so we never thought that one of our kids would have any sight issues.  I feel so silly writing this, but it’s true. I just thought everyone would have “perfect” vision and it just wasn’t the case for us.  Seeing my son’s sight corrected was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen with my kids. Alex literally couldn’t get over how different everything looked when he put on his first pair of glasses.

I recommend heading with your child (and your whole family) to a local Pearle Vision office/store for a comprehensive eye exam.

I know that kids get tested in school, but your child needs something more than a 2 minute “can you tell me what the last line says” kind of test.  What I love about Pearle Vision is that a comprehensive eye exam is going to give you the best gauge as to your child’s eye health. The vision test is thorough and done by doctors who really take the time to look at your child’s eye health and see any potential indicators that would lead them to believe that they might need some intervention.


What could your child expect during eye exam?

You can expect things like: pupil dilation, a visual acuity test (sharpness of vision), colorblind test, eye cover test, and a glaucoma test. The exam also includes tests to get you or your family member the perfect prescription for glasses or contacts, should you need them.

Alex’s routine eye exam for this back-to-school season took place a few weeks ago at the Pearle Vision location in Mansfield, MA.  Since Alex is an “old pro” at the exam, he’s become very comfortable with it and now knows what to expect.  He has an incredible doctor, Dr. Renee Gomez, who walks us through everything that is going to happen in the exam before she does anything. I personally love that she speaks directly to Alex and really allows him to know and understand what she’s testing and WHY she testing it on him. My Alex has a couple of eye issues. First off, he’s considered – farsighted, which means he can see objects at a distance more clearly than those near at hand. He has no problem reading signs on the highway, but can’t read words from a book easily at all. He also has astigmatism. This is a tricky one because – combined with being farsighted – it is difficult to find glasses that don’t have thick lenses. Essentially astigmatism is defined as a condition of the eye where rays of light from a single point do not focus upon on a single point on the retina. Fortunately Alex has a GREAT attitude about everything, so he rolls with it and does everything he needs to do to keep his sight perfect.

On our last visit to Pearle Vision, we got the good word from Dr. Gomez that Alex’s prescription hasn’t changed. That’s a good thing because he’s eyes aren’t getting any worse.  We had his glasses adjusted and checked out additional frames, as well as glasses for sports. Pearle Vision as an array of options and styles for kids.


It was amazing to see all the different options for Alex.  The best part for Alex was that he was able to ask about contacts at Pearle Vision. Dr. Gomez explained to Alex that she would order a trial pair and see who it goes for him and then we can decide what to do from there. The contacts did arrive and we had out trial appointment (in which Alex LOVED the additional option for himself).

I LOVED that Dr. Gomez worked with us throughout the entire process.  She was wonderful and patient and really laid out every option for Alex with his glasses and his contacts (which he got this week!).

Dr. Gomez suggested that with contacts you NEED a pair of glasses, too! Alex is so happy that he has some options for the new school year!

I can’t stress the importance of eye exams enough for your kids. Take the time to find a location near you and schedule an eye exam for your child and your family. It’s extremely important to stay on top of your eye health and I love that Pearle Vision allows you to do this so easily.

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  1. Since so many people in our families wear glasses we take our kids in for annual exams. So far so good, but I’m not taking any chances.

  2. #Sweeps #SweepstakesEntry – comment

    I don’t have children – but myself, I wear glasses & just had my annual eye exam two months ago

  3. Yes, I would. My pediatrician does a basic eye exam, but I think children should periodically see an eye doctor.

  4. Yes I would take my son for an eye exam, I need to take him soon.
    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  5. Yes. I’ve taken all my kids for eye exams. My youngest is legally blind due to optic nerve hypoplasia, which basically means his optic nerves didnt develope completely, so eye health is a top priority in our house.

  6. #Sweeps #SweepstakesEntry- comment

    Well I don’t have children but I wear glasses/contacts and just had my annual exam two months ago

    Kathryn C

  7. I think it’s a good idea, because it took me a while to figure out on my own when I ended up needed some corrective lenses.

Pearle Vision Helped My Son Get Ready For Back To School was last modified: June 5th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland