101 Things to Do with your Daughter

My daughter is my best friend. She’s my sidekick. She’s my mini me. She’s my precious gift. I’m  As a mom of 4 boys and then having a little girl, you can imagine how different it was for me to be welcomed into the world of GIRL. I was VERY used to do boy things with my William, Alex, Ben and Henry… not everything girl was on the horizon and I was excited because I knew it was going to be a fun experience to have with her.

There are 100’s of things I love to do with mt Victoria. She’s so much fun to do things with because she’s got a ton of energy and personality! I thought it would be fun to share a list of 101 things to do with your daughter, even if she’s on the young side (my daughter is 3 years old).

Every day is a gift with your child, it’s all about cherishing the moments.

Things To Do with your Daughter

101 Things to Do with your Daughter:

Enjoying Ice Cream Sundaes Together
Swimming Lessons
Bubble Baths
Hair Salon Time
Shoe Shopping
Making Cupcakes
Bike Ride
Pizza Making Night
Walks Around the Neighborhood
Lemonade Stand
Making S’mores
Disney Movie Night
Hair Do Night
Dress Shopping
Snuggling on the Couch
Ballet Classes
Water Slides
Making Friendship Bracelets
Baking Cookies
Decorating HER Bedroom
Craft Time
Board Games
Reading Books Aloud
Mystery Rides
Gymnastics Class
Trampoline Park
Jump Roping
Zoo Trip
Carousel Rides
Computer Games
Kite Flying
Ice Skating
Sewing Project
Taco Night
Halloween Costume Making
Play-Doh Time
Barbie Playing
Bookstore Readings
Local Museum
Local Aquarium
Local Planetarium
Necklace Making
Braiding Hair
Dual Massages
Beach Trip
Mini Golf
Batting Cages
Make Your Own Chocolate
Tie Dye Shirts
CPR Class Together
Spa Day
Library Time
Fancy Lunch
Tea Party
Dress UP Day
Card Games
Picnic in the Park
Roller Skating
Arcade Fun
Ear Piercing
Amusement Park
Theater Visit
Instrument Lessons
Finger Painting
Pillow Forts
Apple Picking
Pumpkin Patch Time
Day Trip to a City Nearby
Flower Picking
Strawberry Picking
5K Together
Sidewalk Chalk Time
Start a Memory Journal
Free Swim Time
Make a Fun Video
Breakfast for Dinner
Make Your Own Smoothies
Train Ride
Just Sit and Talk
Long Car Rides Together
Play Hookie for the Day
Mom/Daughter Getaway Weekend
Boat Ride
Dance in the Rain

The reason why I really wanted to create this post was because there are so many moms out there who say to me, “I don’t know what to do!” I want to find fun things to do with my daughter, but it’s not always easy to find then best things. Since moms and daughters love to be able to go all kinds of things, I thought it would be fun to create a big list!

I hope you take what you will from this list and let me know what I’m missing! I would love to add to this if it’s possible! I know that I must be missing so many things, so please drop me a comment or email me letting me know. I’m all about adding to this list and really amping up on things to do with your daughter. Since I didn’t have one for so long and really only knew BOY things, this for me is so much fun!!

We also do a ton of content on YouTube, so please make sure you’re checking out our channel! It’s a passion project and it’s something that we really take the time to do up and really share some fun things! My sons do it, too!

If you have sons (like me, too!), here’s my post of things to do with your sons! The lists aren’t THAT different! I love that my daughter loves to do things that my sons do, too! Maybe I should create a list of things to do with your kids! That would be a fun one!

Again – let me know what I’m missing and I will add it right on in!

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  1. WOW..there are some really great ideas here! We have 2 daughters (9 & 15) as well as a son (11). They each have their own likes/dislikes and it’s so much fun having some one-on-one time with each of them that match their interests. I especially love that our 9yo is so into baking and cooking. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

  2. My daughter’s favorite thing to do is nails and movie night! Lot of great ideas.

  3. This is a great list of things to do with your daughter! Glad you have a little girl to do all of these 101 things with her now! Maybe we need a list of 101 for boys too, I have two boys nearing ages 10 and 8 and so need ideas 😉

  4. My daughter is 14 and we do a lot together. Even just snuggling on the couch watching lame TV shows if fun. The boy child is much more ‘hands off’ than she is!

101 Things to Do with your Daughter was last modified: April 4th, 2019 by Audrey McClelland