Disney Art Academy

Calling all Disney lovers! Disney Art Academy teaches you to draw some of the most classic and recognizable Disney and Pixar characters.

Are you ready to check out this awesome Nintendo 3DS game?

We’re BIG Nintendo fans!

Say hello to Disney Art Academy!!

Disney Art Academy

Disney Art Academy

For the first time in the Art Academy series, Disney Art Academy teaches you to draw some of the most classic and recognizable Disney and Pixar characters. You can use a wide variety of tools to learn to draw more than 80 characters. The best part, by setting your own pace through multiple easy-to-follow lessons, characters
like Mickey Mouse, Elsa from Frozen, Nemo from Finding Nemo and Simba from The Lion King come to life on your Nintendo 3DS screen.

Disney Art Academy

So much fun, right??

Watch my son Henry in action!

Disney Art Academy VIDEO REVIEW

Disney Art Academy Features:

To recap, here are the awesome features:

• Dozens of fun and intuitive lessons inspired by Disney art and Pixar
animation guide you through a series of step-by-step progressions.

• Give your art some extra flair with the Magic Brush, a new addition
to the Art Academy series. With the Magic Brush, magical additions
like stars, clouds and glitter can be added to your masterpieces.

• Put your newly learned skills to the test by drawing on a blank
canvas and selecting from more than 80 Disney images in Free
Paint mode.

• Show off your art by sharing directly to Miiverse or on social media
via the Nintendo 3DS Image Share tool. Completed artwork is also
saved to the Nintendo 3DS system’s SD card, allowing you to upload
your creations to a personal computer and print them out.


How can you win???


Leave me a comment saying who you would love to learn to draw! I’m all about Mickey Mouse!

I’ll randomly choose (1) winner on July 15th!!

Leave answer in comments below!

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  1. I think my kids would have a blast learning how to draw some of the Pixar characters! But, of course, you can’t go wrong with learning how to draw a classic like Mickey!

  2. i would love to learn to draw Belle from Beauty and the Beast! shes my favorite princess!

  3. My two boys just went to Disney for the first time last week! They would love to draw Olaf he was fun to meet because his signature was a drawing of his face.

  4. i would love to be able to draw some of the Disney Princesses for my grandaughter,,Merida is her favorite

  5. I would love to learn how to draw Belle. But my son would love to draw just about all of them. He loves Disney and intends to be a video game designer so this would be amazing for him!

  6. My son would love to learn how to draw Mickey Mouse. This looks like a fun DS game.

  7. I never saw this!! Our daughter would love to draw Mickey and the princesses!!!! Thx

  8. I want to learn to draw the Princesses, especially Jasmine! This looks like a great game worthy of breaking out the old 3DS for!

  9. My kids love Stitch. Mom would be cool if she could draw him on their video game 🙂

  10. My daughter would love to learn how to draw Elsa! I can’t draw to save my life so I bet I would have fun with this too!

  11. I would love to learn to draw Aurora since I have a daughter named Aurora

  12. My daughter’s birthday is the end of July. I would love to win this for her. She is a HUGE Disney fan. She loves Mickey, Minnie, Belle, Ariel, and Olaf so much.

  13. So hard to choose! I would start by drawing Elsa and Olaf from Disney Frozen and then just keep drawing, drawing & drawing! Great art software!

  14. Id love to help my little girl Aria learn to draw she just turned 4 this month and is very interested in coloring she got a hand me down Nintendo with no games this would be a good start for her

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