Prepping my House for Sale: Checking Off the To-Dos

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When you decide you want to sell your house, the projects that you need to get done pre-sale start adding up and quickly! You start looking at every little thing you “wanted to get done” and wonder why you didn’t get to it weeks/months/years ago.  It can definitely be an overwhelming process, especially when you’re doing much of the work yourself, but it is doable. Our “House To Do List” started out very long, but with the help of, we were able to narrow it down to top line items.

We’ve given ourselves one project a month to work on and it’s been the best for us financially, physically and emotionally.  We know that there will always be little things that pop up with the house, but we really need to make sure we have one BIG project a month started and completed.

Our projects over the last 2 months:

February – New Garage Door

March – Interior Painting

February was all about FINALLY getting a new garage door. When we originally moved into our house back in 2005, the garage door was barely working. It was literally hanging on by a thread back, so we never used it. I hate to admit it, but since we never used our garage, we let it stay put for 10 years. Wear and tear had created a true eye-sore and it desperately needed to be updated.


We didn’t do the install ourselves, we had a team from Home Depot do it, but it’s here and we love it! We customized a new door, so it really works well and has all the bells and whistles that we desired. I don’t know how we lived with the old door for so long! The new door is just amazing! It lifts easily. It’s lightweight. It matches our house beautifully. Even the hardware we chose is spot-on. I love that a new owner will be walking into a house with a brand new garage door that has hardly been used! Definite score for someone and a wonderful bonus.


March was all about getting the interior of our house painted. When we first moved into our house, we chose colors for key rooms that we loved – kitchen, master bedroom, hallways and basement (which serves as the boys’ playroom) were all bold colors. Our bedroom was a celery green. Our basement was a blue/white swirl. Our hallways were (dare I say it) shamrock green. Our kitchen was a bright yellow. We didn’t want anyone walking into our house seeing these colors that were personal to us, but way too bold.

Before photos:

Bold Green Hallway

Basic Brown Living Room and Hallway

Throughout March we took the time to complete the rooms that we really needed to repaint. Since painting isn’t something that can be done in a day (especially 4 areas), we hired a family friend to help us out. He was able to make sure everything was done professionally, smoothly and beautifully. We chose colors that were more subdued and muted, all in the gray and brown family. I’m telling you, I absolutely love the colors. We should have done this years ago! The house looks so classic, so clean and so elegant with the new paint. Plus, we made sure to paint the window frames and doors, too. Everything is move-in ready.

After: New paint fresh and clean – Living Room, Hallways, Master Bedroom:

Light Blue Living Room

Light Gray Hallways

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 11.33.07 AM

We’ve been getting things ready! The next 5 months are going to be an adventure for us as we prep our house to be placed on the market. It’s something that we’re really excited about and very happy to have the expertise of to guide us throughout the process. As I’ve told many of my friends who have asked why we’ve chosen, we are able to choose between flexible listing packages and have the help of an expert advisor. For someone like me who has never sold a house, I need this extra help and I love that offers this to their customers. Sine we’re doing everything on our own (as you can tell from above, EVERYTHING), it definitely helps to save as much money as we can during the process. I don’t know many of the nuances when it comes to negotiating and closing. Truthfully, it’s the part that scares me the most, I want to make sure I know what I’m doing. By working closely with an expert advisor from, they can help me with all those aspects of the sale of my home. There’s something very comforting it knowing I have help on my side from them through these transactions. In the end, I’ll save on a seller agent commission. I can budget that saved money into something for our next home. is a wonderful option for homeowners looking to sell.

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Prepping my House for Sale: Checking Off the To-Dos was last modified: June 5th, 2017 by admin