Success is Calling + 5 Interviewing Tips

Disclosure: This is a sponsored posting with TracFone and Dress for Success.

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I loved sharing with you last week all the details of our inspiring Afternoon of Empowerment event with TracFone and Dress for Success. It truly was such an empowering afternoon and I was honored to co-host with Vera Sweeney.

Success is Calling is such an incredible program that TracFone and Dress for Success have partnered together on. The program is now in its 2nd year and it’s main goal is to help women navigate a critical step in the employment process, the phone interview. Believe it or not, over 85% of HR managers and working professionals have revealed that the first impression made over the phone, can follow the applicants throughout the entire interview process. So if you have a bad phone interview, your application process may stop right there. What I found very interesting to hear was that a candidate can make up lack of experience by having good phone skills. As part of this incredible program, TracFone provides participants with a new smartphone and a year of service to support them as they interview and prepare to enter the workforce.

See what a great phone interview can bring you? Pretty amazing.

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I’m excited to share that last year there were 300 graduates in the Success is Calling program and this year they are expanding the program to 600 women! They are helping women go after their career goals and giving them the confidence and the ability to shoot for the stars. Personally, I think it’s one of the most impactful things you can do for someone… give them the keys and tools to help them go after what they want to accomplish. I love that TracFone and Dress for Success have created Success is Calling because it’s empowering and changing lives.

When I was first interviewing for jobs back in 2001, I’ll never forget how overwhelming the whole process was for me. I was fresh out of college and really anxious to land my first job. It was MUCH different back then! There was no such thing as emailing in an application. There was no such thing as social media. It was all about a solid resume, a great phone interview and (hopefully) and even better face-to-face interview! My mom and dad helped me throughout the process and gave me some great interviewing advice that I’m happy to share! Even though times have changed in the way we find jobs, there’s still one thing that does matter… nailing that interview.

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5 Interviewing Tips:

  • Know your stuff. The first thing you should do when you’re about to head into an interview with a company or a brand is know about them. A little “google” search can reveal so much! Make sure you arm yourself with some facts, history, backstory, etc! It always looks good in an interview when you’re prepared and know a lot about the company you’re interviewing for before you actually
  • Be confident. A future employer wants to know that he/she are hiring the best people possible. Make them know why you’re the best. Make sure you reveal your strengths and let them know you’re a hard worker. If you want this job, let them know why you’re the best one for it.
  • Eye Contact. When you get that face to face interview, you’re going to want to be the best you can be in it. Eye contact is one of the best ways to show that you’re confident and ready for anything. When you have eye contact with someone, it reveals that you are confident and ready to take on the world!
  • Solid Resume. Make sure you have a solid resume. If you need someone to help you with it, ask around. I went through about 10 versions of my 1st resume before I sent them out! Make sure all the information is correct and that you have everything on it that you want them to see.
  • Let them know you’re willing to do whatever it takes! I’ll never forget my 1st interview at Donna Karan in NYC. I loved the woman who was interviewing me, so I did feel confident that we hit it off… but still, there were 50 people going for the same position. As I was walking out of my interview, I turned around and said, “I will pick up paper clips off the floor if you need me to!” I just wanted her to know that I’m a hard and dedicated worked. I just needed to get my foot in somewhere and then I could show them what kind of worker I am. It’s funny, I was hired and she later told me that she was so impressed with my honesty. Made her realize I was a go-getter and would really do whatever that needed to be done!

Thank you to TracFone and Dress for Success for creating Success is Calling and really helping to make a difference in so many lives. I love seeing women go after their dreams and this program does just that!



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Success is Calling + 5 Interviewing Tips was last modified: July 3rd, 2017 by admin