Best April Fool’s Day Joke Ever

My husband and sons are REALLY into April Fool’s Day. Throughout the years, they’ve come up with some pretty clever things to say and do for various family/friends. I’m always, always, always ready for something.

This year was a little different, my husband and Alex asked all of us to be on the same “Fool.” Alex loves to mess with his buddies, so he thought the ultimate prank would be pretending he broke his wrist. He wanted to fool his friends, teacher, baseball coach and swim coach. I thought we’d wrap it in a brown bandage and call it a day.


Not even close.

My husband took out the BIG GUNS.

He wrapped his wrist in a real plaster cast. He made it very loose (which we thought would give it away immediately) so that Alex wouldn’t be in any pain. But I will say – it was definitely on the heavy side! They wrapped it yesterday morning, let it dry and then had all of us sign it with Sharpies! My husband had Alex look sad and captured a photo for his Facebook wall…

Best APril Fool's Day PrankOh, yes.

He definitely played it well because within minutes of posting, texts and calls were pouring in from family and friends. I only told a few family members the truth and let the boys play it out as long as they could!

We were really excited to see how his day went… when he got off the bus, the cast was GONE! He had taken it off right before lunch and gym. It was funny because his teacher emailed us congratulating us on the great April Fool’s Day joke. She signed his cast, but then figured it out!

This is how we announced the joke!

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 2.40.31 PM

I have to say, it was a good one!

Best one for our family!


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