A Much Needed Lunch Break

I did something yesterday that I never, ever do.

I took a lunch break, out.

When I’m working from home, which is usually 1/2 the time throughout the week, I ALWAYS make sure to stop and eat lunch. Just like when I worked in NYC at Donna Karan, lunch breaks were something I looked forward to because they fueled me up and I was able to take a mental break from work. I need that now, too – actually more than ever. It’s been great for me to get up from my desk, make myself lunch and zone out in front of the TV or my laptop (usually shopping!). It’s been a healthy work move for me.

But there’s one thing I never do when it comes to lunch… eat out.

Yesterday was one of those days where Victoria just wanted to be with me every second of the day. Those are the days I cherish. She wanted me to hold her all morning. She wanted to hold my hand while eating breakfast. When we went to her dance class she kept coming over and giving me kisses. It was a Victoria kind of day. As we were heading home from dance class, I was doing a mental run-through of what we had in the house for lunch. We had food. We had plenty of it because I just went shopping. But I looked at my little girl and I thought, “It’s a GIRL LUNCH DAY!”

I had work to be done. I had deadlines to hit. I knew I’d get it done, but lunch with my girl was the most important of all.

Lunch Date

We went to her favorite spot – Newport Creamery.

She kept me laughing and giggling all lunch. If you follow me on snapchat, you know she called me “Poop Lady!”

It was a much needed lunch break. A really special one.

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A Much Needed Lunch Break was last modified: March 23rd, 2016 by admin