Tough Mom Day

Every mom has THAT day. That day where you worry from the second you wake up, ’til the second you go to bed. That day where you have to put every single thing else on the back-burner and just concentrate on your child. That day that every mom dreads because you just know that your child isn’t 100% and there’s only so much you can do about it.

I had THAT kind of day yesterday and I’d be lying to you now if I said it wasn’t melting into today, too.

Wednesday night I put Victoria down for bed in her crib. She is GREAT in her crib; she usually falls right asleep and doesn’t get out on her own. The tough thing is when we’re putting all the kids to bed together because the boys can be loud and Victoria (like a bee to honey) wants to be there, too. I went downstairs to grab her a binkie and as I came up toward her bedroom, I saw her flying to the floor of her bedroom. Her brothers were playing with her and as she jumped up and down in her crib, she looked over the edge and propelled herself over, head first. Like a flip out of her crib to the ground. She SCREAMED immediately. Thank GOD we were there in that second to grab her, hug her and make sure she could move. It’s in those flashes of seconds that you hope she didn’t break her neck or land in another position to break something else… or just whatever else could have happened.

Her brothers were horrified… as you guys know, they are the best big brothers on the planet. If she’s hurt, they hurt. If she’s crying, they want to know why. If she’s ANYTHING, they are right beside her. I’ve been BEYOND blessed with 4 boys who take care of her like she’s gold. True, pure gold.

We got her to stop crying pretty quickly. I knew she hurt herself, but I just didn’t know how badly. Since it was 8:30 pm and I knew she might have landed on her head, too – I wanted to keep her up for an extra hour to watch her closely. I’m not a physician by any means, and I kept searching online and most advice said that after a child falls or hits his/her head, do not let them sleep immediately – keep them up for at least an hour. Downstairs we went with her… and I let her sit with us on the couch and watch YouTube Kids for an hour. We snuggled and I kept a good eye on her. At around 9:30 pm, I put her to bed and that was that. She went to sleep quickly, and I kept checking on her until I went to bed myself.

Around midnight she woke up SCREAMING. An inconsolable cry. I walked around with her, swaying her back and forth like she was an infant again. She would fall asleep on my shoulder, just to be jarred again. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. No fever. No vomiting. Just really, really fussy. I finally got her to sleep next to me in bed, I stroked her hair and watched her on and off all night. She was fussy ALL night, every hour or so up, trying to move and just not happy. When she woke up for good yesterday morning, she wasn’t in her usual good mood. She was crying and didn’t want to be held or anything. I felt so badly and kept thinking that she MUST be getting sick or something. Then William said to me as he and his brothers were playing cards, “Mom… look at how she’s looking at my cards.” She wasn’t moving her neck to the full side… she was moving her shoulders and looking down. Then it dawned on me, that freaking fall.

After the boys went to school, I asked Victoria if she felt OK and she said, “My head hurts.”

A mom NEVER wants to hear that, especially from her 2 year old.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.01.08 AM

I immediately called our physician and was given an appointment in 45 minutes.

After a full examination of Victoria… our doctor said she most likely got a mini concussion from the fall and a sprained neck. The good news is that she’s moving and reflexes are working and she’s not falling down when she walks and she’s making 100% sense when she talks. I was terrified that maybe she did something to her neck or her back or something… but he said after checking her from head to toe, it definitely seems like she sprained her neck because he saw that she couldn’t move it all the way to the right. My baby girl.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.05.28 AM

I felt so badly. My heart literally hurt all day yesterday. I shed many, many tears for my girl. As the day when on she seemed to be more like herself, but last night she had another restless night… which was tough on her, I could tell.

This morning I left for NYC… so I’m writing this on the train, trying to hold back tears. The guy next to me must think I’m nuts. It was just a really tough mom day yesterday. With the 4 boys – believe it or not, we’ve never had a broken bone, concussion or anything too serious. Henry’s had stitches, but that’s been it. I hate not being home today with her and for her… thankfully my husband is there and he thinks the world revolves around our little lady, so that’s a good thing. I know she’s in the perfect hands. We need to keep her 100% laying low for the next 2 weeks. NO MORE FALLS! It’s not going to be easy, but we need to try. I think that’s worrying me even more – I wish I could wrap her in bubble wrap.

I just needed to share this today. I just needed to get it out. My head hurts today from crying yesterday and not sleeping a wink for 2 nights. Motherhood isn’t for the weak, but I’ll tell you what – it’s not easy.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.01.00 AM

Love your prayers and good vibes for a speedy recovery for my baby girl.

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  1. I’m sending big hugs your way. I’m so glad she’s okay! We had a day like that once, actually 3 times.

    My youngest Emma was almost 2 the first time it happened. One minute she was running towards a box laughing, the next her body went totally frigid and her head bent backwards in way that HORRIFIED me when she face planted on the box. When my husband picked her up her whole body had stiffened and she started turning blue. I thought for sure she had broken her neck. About ten seconds later she came back, confused but started acting normal in seconds. We took her to the ER where they told us she had a breath holding fainting spell. She had two more over the next year (which made me crazy because I was afraid to do anything to get her too excited or cry too hard) but eventually grew out of them.

  2. My heart breaks for any parent who has to be faced with an injury or illness that scary… Hope she is hanging in there and you are able to breathe a little!

  3. I love reading stories about moms who love their babies as much as I love mine. They are our light, our everything, so when something happens to them, we often feel the pain too.

    Thank goodness all is well in the end. She is lucky to have family that loves her and keeps her safe. I wish all babies had that love.

    Enjoy the city!

Tough Mom Day was last modified: February 11th, 2016 by admin