Giveaway: Rob Gronkowski Signed Football with Capital One

Patriots fans, are you ready for this!?

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Thanks to Capital One, I’m giving away a Rob Gronkowski Signed Football!

Oh, yes… the GRONK Football!! How cool is this!!??

I’m a New England girl, I’ve grown up a Patriots fan. We’re passionate about our teams, and we are in the middle of a football frenzy right now with the Patriots!! Rob Gronkowski  is one of “our” standout Patriots players and he has partnered with Capital One to create the #GRONKonomics. Rob is known for the net worth he brings to the field, tight end Rob Gronkowski is also known for having an unbelievably smart financial sense off the field – in fact, he hasn’t spent a dime of his NFL earnings. Gronkowski (better known as ‘Gronk’) and Capital One are teaming up for #GRONKonomics – a program with personal financial tips and savings advice from the all-pro saver. The program features a unique photo content series housed on the athlete’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and aims to motivate others to challenge their savings and provoke a dialogue around financial well-being.

#GRONKonomics [noun]: personal finance tips and lessons in saving money
from savings all-pro Rob Gronkowski

Gronkowski Signed Football

In Gronkowski’s book, It’s Good to Be Gronk, he reveals the secret to his financial success – he’s a saver. Here are some of the tips he lives by:
1.      Aim for short-term goals. You’ll save more successfully when a goal feels in sight.
2.      Establish stronger financial discipline by setting up automatic transfers into a savings account to more effectively meet your goals.
3.      Nickname your accounts to stay motivated on your savings plan.
4.      Open an account that works hard for you, like 360 Savings from Capital One which offers great savings-potential with a high interest rates, no fees and no minimum balance requirements.


Football Giveaway:


“To the extent required by law, the value of this prize may be reported to the IRS and/or State Revenue authorities.” THE VALUE OF THE PRIZE IS ABOUT $700.


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  1. Create a budget for everything!! We have a must pay budget for bills, food, the necessities, then we have a “fun” budget for things like going out to dinner, movies, buying special toys for the kids!

  2. Take care of the things you already have so they won’t need to be replaced as quickly. For example, get oil changes regularly to prolong the life of your car. Do the little quick fix things – changing the filters on your furnace, using low energy bulbs in your house to save energy $$, putting plastic sheeting on your windows in the wintertime to save on heating costs – then, put the savings you realize from those little changes into a separate account to put towards a big project (maybe new windows?) : )

  3. mine is get a credit card that has no annual fee,,and gives points on each dollar you spend,,then pay it off at the end of every month,,interest free and you gain points to spend on what you want,,we have actually taken a free cruise my using my points before

Giveaway: Rob Gronkowski Signed Football with Capital One was last modified: June 7th, 2017 by admin