Breakfast Delight: Chicken Sausage Sandwich at McDonald’s

Breakfast for us on the weekends is always on the go.

Saturday morning swim practice at 8:30AM for the 4 boys.

Sunday morning workout and then church for the family.

Standing weekend morning events, both of which have us up super early (no such thing as sleeping late on the weekends!) and keep us moving.

One of our breakfast spots on the weekends is McDonald’s. The boys love their hot cakes. Victoria loves their hash browns. I’m all about the breakfast sandwiches (same as my husband, too!). Breakfast sandwiches are just easy to eat on the go and fill you right up!

Usually we’ll both get the iconic Egg McMuffin, but today we mixed it up a bit!

McDonald’s restaurants in New England have introduced a brand new breakfast menu item – the chicken sausage! Beginning on January 18th, McDonald’s started offering the chicken sausage as an alternative protein to McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches and platters.

McDonald's Chicken Sausage Sandwich

The new chicken sausage is a juicy breakfast meat flavored with rosemary and additional spices. Those familiar with McDonald’s pork sausage will find the taste, texture, and appearance of the chicken sausage just as delicious and satisfying. But the best part for me – it’s chicken!!


It was delicious!! You’re getting a warm, toasted buttered English muffin made with wholesome chicken sausage, a slice of American cheese and a freshly cracked Grade A egg. For me, it’s a good, hearty breakfast. Just the right amount of food and the new chicken sausage patty contains 5 grams of fat and 80 calories.


I’m thinking this is going to be a BIG hit in the area! “We are excited to introduce a chicken sausage patty as an alternative to our pork sausage,” says Nicole Garvey, McDonald’s Boston Region spokesperson. “Chicken sausage offers flexibility and customization for our customers when they order their favorite breakfast sandwich.”

Really loved trying something new and finding it to have that perfect bite!! I will say, my husband loved it, too.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored posting with McDonald’s. 100% of the opinions are my own.

Breakfast Delight: Chicken Sausage Sandwich at McDonald’s was last modified: January 24th, 2016 by admin
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Breakfast Delight: Chicken Sausage Sandwich at McDonald’s was last modified: January 24th, 2016 by admin