Fashion Obsession: ZARA SALE on Dresses

I am obsessed with ZARA. There, I said it. I’m going to be totally honest here, too – I JUST jumped on the ZARA train about 9 months ago (thanks to my bestie Vera Sweeney). I had shopped in ZARA from time to time throughout the years and always remember walking by the stores in NYC when I lived there, but I never really got to know ZARA. I finally went for a true shopping experience with Vera this past spring and I feel in love. We (as in the state of RI) JUST got a ZARA store in Providence this October, so now I’m really enjoying the ZARA experience!

ZARA has tops, bottoms, denim, accessories, shoes, sweaters, coats/jacket, blazers, kids clothing, men’s clothing… and my favorite dresses. If you know me and have followed me for awhile, I’m not the biggest dress girl, but ZARA has changed me. While in Vegas this past September – I bought myself a few dresses from ZARA to just give a try. They looked cute in the store, so I was HOPING they’d look just as cute on. I’m telling you – I was beyond (fashion) happy!

Never underestimate a ZARA dress. There are 5 that I am OBSESSED with right now (all that I own) and they are ALL on sale right now.

ZARA Dresses

ZARA Printed Dress // Long Patchwork Dress // Long Printed Dress // Printed Dress // Yellow Printed Dress //

You can wear these anywhere! I wore one of the Printed Dresses on Christmas Eve!

I’m telling you – stock up. These are ALL on sale! You can’t beat the prices.

And as a fun fact, Amy Poehler wore a ZARA dress when she was awarded her Star of Fame!!

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Fashion Obsession: ZARA SALE on Dresses was last modified: July 5th, 2017 by admin