Carters Christmas Pajamas – Must Have This Holiday

Carters Christmas Pajamas are the must-have this holiday season. Here are all five of my kids rocking heir own Christmas pajamas to fit their style!

This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Ever since I first became a mom back in 2004, I feel in love with buying pajamas for the holidays. When there’s a holiday, I buy matching pajamas for that designated holiday. It’s just something that I love doing and it always warms my heart and makes me smile. I’ll never forget dressing my baby William in Carters Christmas pajamas back in December 2004… he was all of 3 months old and the cutest little guy in the world! I had him dressed in these cute little red and white holiday pajamas from Carter’s. He couldn’t sit up on his own, so we had propped a bunch of pillows around him and he just sat there looking at us… he didn’t realize that a tradition was starting right then and there, but it had!

Fast forward 11 years later.

My baby William isn’t a baby anymore, he’s an 11 year old boy who is almost taller than me now! Not to mention, throughout the last 11 years we added 4 more babies to our family! Our baby William is now the big brother to 3 brothers and 1 baby sister… that holiday pajama tradition has (indeed) spread its magic to our family and it’s something I look forward to doing with the kids every year. I love heading to Carter’s and buying them a special pair of holiday pajamas that they can wear throughout the season.

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Carter’s is America’s #1 pajama brand… it’s that’s no surprise to me. My kids LIVE in their ultra cozy pajamas throughout the winter months. In New England the mornings are chilly, there’s nothing like waking up in warm, cozy pajamas and keeping them on throughout the day. It’s funny, non swim meet weekends in the McClelland house – pajamas (for mom and dad, too!) stay on all day! Everyone gets cozy on the couch… we watch movies… we cook yummy meals and bake delish cookies… we don’t answer the phone… it’s just about being together and creating memories. I’m telling you, the memories I will cherish someday when the kids are older and have families of their own are the memories of these weekends. There’s nothing remarkably special happening, but it’s these weekends in pajamas that – remarkably – are the most special to me.

Gone are the days of the boys allowing me to put them in all matching pajamas, so for me – it’s fun to find a pair that reflects their personality. When it comes to Victoria, I’m all about the PINK pajamas! I waited a long time for a little girl and now that she’s here, I amp up the pink – even during the holidays! What I love about Carter’s is that they have the largest assortment of children’s pajamas offering up to size 12 (online only). With 5 children 11 and under, I love that I can find pajamas for all of them at incredible prices in one place.

As the kids have gotten older, nothing makes my heart melt more than seeing them all together. They love their baby sister more than anything in the world. I was so nervous when we first had Victoria because I wasn’t sure how the boys would be with her. She is… to them… the most important little girl in the world. They love her beyond measure! Every night before bed, I love to have the boys read to Victoria and we all just recap our day. Last night, we had some holiday fun with our Carter’s pajamas and some new holiday books Grandma bought us!

five kids in carters christmas pajamas

four boys and a girl in carters christmas pajamas

Carter's Holiday Pajamas

Carter's Holiday Pajamas

My guys… oh, yes. My handsome guys! I found some fun holiday pajamas for them! I love the holiday colors and fabrics! They are so cozy. They are so comfy. They are so festive. They are so joyful!

Carters Christmas Pajamas

William has on some adorable festive soft cotton pjs, this little guy is ready for Santa! He loves Santa (and knows the magic!), so these were perfect for him!

Alex has on 2-piece flannel pajamas! He popped these on for bed and the first thing he said was, “These are so cozy, Mom!”

Ben has on some adorable festive soft cotton pjs, this little guy is ready for Santa! He loves penguins, so these were perfect for him!

My Henry is rocking these fun holiday pajamas!! He has on some adorable festive fleece pajamas.

And my Victoria. I found the most gorgeous and yummy holiday pajamas for her! I fell in love with these adorable pink 1-Piece Fleece PJs at Carter’s! As soon as I saw them, I knew they were for her!

little girl in carters christmas pajamas one piece carters christmas pajamas

She’s ready for snowy nights with Santa in this super soft and cuddly 1-piece! I love that they zip from ankle to chin, they’re very cozy for her. And for me, I love the worry-free safety tab up (to size 5T) and built-in gripper footies. I love knowing she’s safe and cozy all at the same time!


I love that she can be warm and cozy all night and all day, too!!

little girl in carters christmas pajamas on brown couch

Carter's Holiday Pajamas

Carter's Holiday Pajamas

Love Carter’s Christmas pajamas!! Cute looks and amazing memories!!

Score some of your own with this coupon!!

Carter's Coupon

Find a Carter’s near you to scoop up some adorable holiday pajamas!

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  1. You chose great jammies! I love Carter’s soft fleece zip-up jammies with gripper feet for toddlers.

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