Fun and Easy Halloween Treat: Chocolate Graveyard

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Chocolate Graveyard

Fun and Easy Halloween Treat

Chocolate pudding mix
Chocolate graham crackers
Milano cookies
White chocolate covered pretzels
Edible, writable pen

Make some chocolate pudding as directed on the back of the package and pour it into a square pan. Sprinkle the top with crushed chocolate graham crackers for your “dirt.” Add some “bones” (pretzels) and some tombstones with the Milanos. I had to snap the bottom of each one off so it would sit nicely in the pudding. So simple and your kids will have a ton of fun with it.


Happy Halloween!!

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  1. This is so fun, and the kids could even get involved by helping to decorate the graveyard. Then I’m sure they’ll love the “eating it” part as well… 🙂